15 of the Best Jiu Jitsu Gifts

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Who doesn’t love gifts? Let me let you in on a little secret. If your significant other, friend, or family member is into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you’ll never have trouble finding a gift that will make them ecstatic. Here is our detailed list of Jiu Jitsu gifts that will have any grappler jumping with joy. 

New Gi or Rashguard

Stating the obvious here, but topping everyone’s best Jiu Jitsu gifts list is training gear. In other words, you can never go wrong when buying your favorite grappler a brand new gi. There are countless options out there that vary in color, weight, style, etc. to make everyone happy. 

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Ah, but what if the grappler in your life prefers no-gi? Another great gift idea is a rashguard or two! Everyone needs a rashguard, regardless if they train gi or no-gi. Add in a pair of spats while you’re at it to complete the ensemble. You wouldn’t believe the options you have in terms of original or weird rashguard and spats designs!

BJJ Apparel

Something us grapplers like to do is wear the fact that we train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on our sleeves… often literally! It doesn’t matter that most people have no idea what it all means, we simply enjoy wearing our passion both on and off the mats. In that regard, there’s some amazing BJJ apparel available that makes for really interesting Jiu Jitsu gifts. 

White Jiu Jitsu T-shirt

Choices are numerous and include everything imaginable, from hoodies and T-shirts to toddlers and even pet clothing. I’d recommend you focus on hoodies and T-shirts, as they provide the most variety, are available for men and women, and tend to be what people enjoy wearing the most. Check out the Jiu Jitsu Legacy Online Store for some great ideas in the BJJ apparel department!

Jiu Jitsu Vacation / Camp

Arguably, the best BJJ gift anyone could give me is a ticket for a Jiu Jitsu camp. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu camps are special, and even though they might seem like a vacation a “traincation” (the perfect blend of training and a vacation) is the more appropriate term. 

BJJCampFinder.com is the perfect tool to use in order to see a comprehensive list of all available camps worldwide. Granted, in the present Covid-19 situation options are fewer than they’d be at this time of year, but there are still plenty of camps to consider as Jiu Jitsu gifts. 

How do you choose a BJJ camp? There are many different camps around the world and depending most of the time there are camps for everyone. Modestly we want to recommend our first Jiu Jitsu Legacy camp that will be held in Bansko, Bulgaria.

Maybe you want something during your summer vacation then there is no doubt that BJJ Summer Week in Cagliari will be a perfect choice. This last camp has a host of elite instructors that will have even high-level Jiu Jitseros drooling at the prospect of participating in it.

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Home Mats 

I doubt you can surprise your significant other in a better way than getting them mats for training at home. There are plenty of options out there, from puzzle mats to roll-out mats, and they can be set up just about anywhere. It doesn’t take a lot of space for someone to be able to drill: 2m x 2m is a good size to start with if you have the room for it! If you’re imagining rolling (sparring) taking place at home, realistically 3m x 3m is the minimum viable size.

Be careful with home mats as Jiu Jitsu gifts, though, because you’ll have no choice but to participate yourself as well. However, they would most certainly make anyone that trains BJJ immensely happy for any occasion!

Online/DVD BJJ Instructionals

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has been blooming online for the past couple of years. People turn to digital content to learn just as much as they do from real-life classes. In fact, some might even be learning more online these days. That said, both DVDs and online streaming are great ways to give access to high-quality Jiu Jitsu content.

Some of the best Jiu Jitsu gifts you could get are easily BJJ DVDs. There are so many of them, and many are of great quality, that you can hardly go wrong. Moreover, you get to choose whether you’d like a hard copy of the DVD or simply download the digital content. Also Digitsu is a great source for bjj instructional programs or DVDs.

One more online learning option is giving a subscription to an online BJJ curriculum. Most of the largest academies have their own, and they usually require a monthly or yearly fee. Getting a subscription for the online content of one of your favorite grappler’s coaches will definitely make your gift number 1!

An option to consider for the grappler who has every instructional imaginable is a Yoga for BJJ membership. Your favorite grappler might already have every video on how to break someone else’s body, but there is a good chance they don’t have a comprehensive guide on how to take care of their own.

Gym Membership

Along the lines of getting an online subscription, you could do the same in real life as well. Settling the gym membership fee for a few months might seem like something that’s not too important, but for a grappler, it can mean a lot! 

Moreover, plenty of academies offer great deals for paying for a few months upfront, so your gift can end up going further than you might think!


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a sport that requires lots of gear. Gis, rashguards, spats, BJJ Shorts, mouth guards, ear guards, knee braces, athletic tape the list goes on and on. Organizing all of this can easily become a chore! That’s where backpacks and gym bags come in.

While any gym bag can do, specialized BJJ backpacks provide everything a grappler needs. They have special compartments to house at least a couple of Gis, with one of them intended for damp and dirty post-training gis and gear. These bags have compartments for everything a grappler might need, and maybe even extra features like odor-blocking or antibacterial materials. 

If the grappler in your life doesn’t already have a decent bag, a BJJ gym bag ranks pretty high on the best Jiu Jitsu gifts list!


While these might fall under the “apparel” category, I do think they are worth special mention. Partly this is because they come in plenty of different shapes and sizes, from baseball caps to beanies. 

However, it is more than just a fashion statement when it comes to grapplers, as hats are a great yet subtle way to proudly display an association with the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lifestyle. Struggling to choose one? Beanies are always great because you can wear them while warming up on a cold training day, to stay warm before a competition, or on a chilly evening after training!

If whoever you’re shopping for wears hats then a BJJ themed hat is definitely a great choice! Once again, our Online store has you covered with plenty of great designs and models.

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Private Lessons 

Private lessons are one on one sessions with a coach or professor where a student gets to ask anything, gets their undivided attention for an hour (or longer) and they may even get to roll a bit with whoever is teaching. As such, they do not come cheap, because an hour of personalized training is quite the chunk of time for a coach.

A private lesson (or several if you’re feeling generous!) is a wonderful gift for any Jiu Jitsu player, particularly if you’re looking to give an experiential gift instead of something material. If you have the chance, try booking a private with a world-class coach, if they are available in your vicinity.

Foam Roller 

The toll Jiu Jitsu training takes on the body is apparent to anyone, even if they’re not training. Recovery is just as big a part of the grappling puzzle as going to class and rolling is. While there are different methods of recovery, foam rollers are popular and effective.

Foam rollers come in plenty of shapes and sizes, and they will all do the trick. However, do your research, both online and with the person you’re intending to buy one for. Getting the right one will certainly mean a world of difference in how they perform and feel on the mats. Use the Jiu Jitsu Legacy Foam Rollers Guide to choose a foam roller BJJ gift. 

Foam roller, Jiu Jitsu gifts | Jiu Jitsu Legacy


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu books might seem like an outdated gift. After all, they’re just really basic DVDs right? 

Well, not quite.

There are different kinds of BJJ books, ranging from books about traveling the world and training, to books on the history and development of BJJ, to autobiographies of some of the greatest grapplers.

Books don’t have to be technique related and honestly the best Jiu Jitsu books are not. Instead, they offer the reader insight into the wider world of grappling. Plus, they will literally last a lifetime!


One of the more expensive parts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is tournaments. Even professional grapplers who are paid money from fighting have to pay fees for most BJJ tournaments! For everyone else, paying for tournaments goes without saying.

The usual fees for a tournament are the tournament fee, travel expenses, and accommodations. Depending on the location and size of the tournament these fees will vary – generally larger competitions and urban settings mean higher prices. 

However, acquiring the whole tournament experience as a BJJ gift for someone that is really into competition is one of the most perfect presents ever! If you truly want to make a grappler happy and grateful, send them somewhere to fight.

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Event Tickets

Most of us won’t really make it to the biggest stages of grappling as fighters, but we can definitely make it as spectators. Nowadays, there are pro-grappling tournaments all around the globe, and any given event usually features at least a couple of big-name stars.

This helps take the guesswork out of the process… Just check the events in your vicinity, get a few tickets for your favorite grappler, and treat them to a night of high-level Jiu Jitsu. If they’re into MMA, you could expand your search to include MMA events, like UFC Fight Nights. In any case, going to a professional combat sports event is a great experience, and it is even better when it comes as a present.


Whether it is tea, coffee, or even cocoa that a grappler enjoys (on my desk it ends up being coffee 9 times out of 10) a BJJ mug is a great way of bringing a smile on their face. And it will not just be one time, they’ll get to see it every morning as they sip on their preferred choice of stimulating beverage to get through a hard day of training.

Check out our store for a huge and versatile collection of Jiu Jitsu mugs that make for perfect BJJ gifts.

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Jiu Jitsu gifts do not start or end with the above categories. However, if you’re looking for ideas anything of the above is guaranteed to hit the bullseye when it comes to making a grappler happy!

If it is in the budget a BJJ Camp is one of the greatest gifts that you can give. However, even a beanie or mug that relates to their favorite activity is a thoughtful and much-appreciated gift!

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