Are You Too Old to Start BJJ?

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Am I too Old for Jiu-Jitsu?

A recurring question at all ages past 25, ‘am I too old to start out at a BJJ club?’ is mulled over by many newcomers. Fact is our mental structure grows and changes year to year, and really it’s our attitude towards something that’ll make all the difference in whether we succeed or not. No, there is no age when you’re too old to start something new. However, our goals and approach are definitely going to be different. A twenty-something college student will have a different perspective from what the fifty-year-old businessman does. The more open you are to learning, the better you’ll do. Success elsewhere will not transfer into BJJ. Don’t be let down. Everyone goes through this. Everyone is a beginner at some point in their life.

As Chewjuitsu puts it, ‘if the best time was twenty years ago, then the next best time is now.’ Do it now. Enroll. At worst, you’ll waste a couple of hours of your life. At best, you’ll find something new to grow passionate about. Truth is, BJJ can grow on anyone.


Think about your goals. If you’re well into your fifties, you’ll probably not compete with the young people headed towards Abu Dhabi. However, there are other aspects to the sport and martial art. Perhaps you can teach. It’s definitely great exercise, not to mention the friends you’ll make. At twenty, you might even have a shot at the big league competitions. Even then, you’ll still have an opportunity to teach. Heck, even being a fan is great.


You’re never too old to get into this sport. Grandmaster Helio remained a practitioner well into old age and credited BJJ as well as his diet for his good health.

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