5 BJJ Submissions You Should Know: Chokes & Locks

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Have you ever wondered what the most popular and powerful BJJ submissions in BJJ are? This might be a bit of a challenging question. There are many different submissions in BJJ. Some are more effective than others. Therefore, today we present you 5 BJJ submissions everyone should know, including you! Shane and Dimitrij at fightTIPS prepared a 5 minute video featuring 5 BJJ chokes and locks that everyone should know how to do. There are certain grappling submissions require little strength, and can be executed on bigger opponents.

The first four submissions are from full guard with Dimitrij on this back. The last move is the rear naked choke which is a is a devastating move. You will be able to see a detailed step-by-step instructions which are definitely worth learning. Watch the following video where the guys share what they believe to be the five essential submissions for BJJ.
Which BJJ submissions do you consider essential?

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