In this video of Gracie Breakdown, the brothers discuss the importance of learning self-defense Jiu-jitsu. Being able to apply it in a self-defense scenario is what the Gracie Academy specialize in. They talk about the importance of environment inside an academy. In order to successfully create a great learning environment, people should not be worried about proving themselves to the teachers. A great learning environment is non-intimidating and supportive of students’ BJJ journey.

Preserving the art of Jiu-jitsu was a priority for the Gracie family. Back in 1989 when the academy first opened doors in California the curriculum was very traditional in a sense of not having a structure. The brothers elaborate on the idea and importance of creating a structure and a program geared towards people that actually need Jiu-jitsu. This is because one of the many reasons people want to learn Jiu-jitsu is for self-defense. The three major changes the academy had to make was in their curriculum, sparring, and revolutionize their blue belt test. Ryron and Rener talk more about these changes in the video.

It is always beneficial to learn not only techniques but also techniques that are applicable in real life scenarios. Gracie Breakdown stresses the importance of knowing fundamentals in order to survive in a street fight against an untrained opponent. They also discuss the training methods which allow their academy to have really low injury rates.

People will also get a chance to hear about the history of Gracie Jiu-jitsu from Rorion Gracie. His interview offers some insight into his experiences and thoughts. Rorion is also the author of the Gracie Diet book.
Two students of the Gracie academy share their stories of how they used their Jiu-jitsu in real life. One of the students also shares his experience with the Gracie Combatives program.