Four Essential BJJ Gear For Beginners

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The beginning is the most difficult part of everybody’s BJJ journey. You’re entering a whole new world, especially if you’ve never trained a grappling martial art before. Essential BJJ gear is required to push your performance to the next level and improve your rolling game. 

Let’s get to know the basic piece of equipment that helps you grow from a beginner into a very skillful grappler, and potentially a BJJ black belt. 

Four Essential BJJ Gear For Beginners 1 Four Essential BJJ Gear For Beginners BJJ Gear

Four Essential BJJ Gear for Beginners

Before you even think of a serious career, it is very important to purchase a set of the essential BJJ gear for beginners. Yes, it costs a few hundred dollars, but visiting a doctor due to a nasty injury drains your budget. Oh, if you lose a tooth, a dentist demands 100+ dollars, even for the most basic repairs!

Sometimes it’s hard to choose between the pleasure and the pain. Even the slightest detail makes the difference. For example, even a high-quality lightweight BJJ gis might be a real pain in the ass, especially if your trousers are too short or the lapel is too thick.  

So it’s time to stop making mistakes and see how to purchase the most suitable essential BJJ gear for your purposes and enjoy every second of your training session. Oh, even the wrong size of the belt decreases your possibility to progress, isn’t it?


We’ve already discussed lightweight and cheap BJJ gi’s. Frankly, think of your performances and yourself! 

If your budget is good, pick a durable, reinforced Gi, but don’t aim for a too heavy model unless you want to be slower. 

Check out this care guide to make the most out of your Gi.

Why Use a Lightweight Gi for BJJ?

It allows you to roll down the mat easily and counter even the fastest and most aggressive opponent. Pick a good size, too big or too short gi will make problems. 

To get the most of one purchase, make sure your model is IBJJF approved and comfortable. Your individual needs, like color or design, at the end of your criterions. Even if you dislike yellow, a yellow Gi that satisfies all the data above is a good pick.

We recommend you to try out a reinforced affordable model that contains all the elements above, but try to pick a lightweight model, especially if you think between two equally durable models. 


Gi is wonderful, but other essential BJJ gear is important, especially for training in boiling surround. Rashguard also keeps you away from injuries during hard rolls and a vicious ground game against experts of heel hooks and armbars. 

The long sleeve protects your elbows and arms. Guys like Israeli Bellator star, Haim Gozali ( ), who enjoy fighting off the back, prefer wearing rash guards even during MMA training sessions! 

If possible, stick to these criterions when purchasing a BJJ rash guard:

  • Search for proper size and fit, too long or too short is not good;
  • Try to buy from a reputable company;
  • Look for a durable and purpose-built model;
  • If you plan to compete, IBJFF rash guard sounds awesome;
  • Watch whether it is easy to care;
  • Finally, think of your own needs, check color and design.


Oh, nobody likes to collect his tooth off the mat, right? Grappling is not striking, but common! Essential BJJ gear must protect your chin and teeth because the dentist drains the budget! 

Even a slap or an accidental headbutt or head kick could make you never smile before. This is way too much stress! 

The least painful option is visiting a specialized dentist lab, where they check the anatomical shape of your teeth. It costs more, but no matter how hard blow you eat, you’ll never lose a tooth. The opponent can only break your jaw.

Optionally, you can purchase a mouthpiece, follow instructions, and make it suitable for a fight. Fewer expenses, but greater chances of losing your mouthguard during the bout.  


It’s hard to go on a BJJ training session and wear everything in your hands or a plastic bag. Gi, mouthpiece, rash guard… essential BJJ gear demands a good backpack. All the gear should fit into one space and one extra space. Also, a too big backpack might irritate you which walking towards the dojo.

Putting the equipment should be easy. Side straps are also a big bonus. Also, you should search for a durable model made of a hemp material because it is stronger than cotton. If a backpack is fitted with anti-microbial features, it should be another step in a great direction. 

It should fit your budget, too. Waterproof backpack sounds awesome, but it will cost more money, everybody can’t afford it. If your budget is tight, stick to a comfortable model that will not burden your shoulders while wearing the essential BJJ gear. 


Venum Contender 2.0 BJJ Gi comes from the company that makes the most lightweight grey BJJ gis. This model offers a wonderful choice of sizes.


  • Very durable pants with reinforced stitching.
  • Jacket with reinforced slots.
  • Comfortable model. 
  • EVA foam soft collar is awesome for all kinds of grips and transitions.  
  • Fair price.
  • Easy to wash, good anti-moisture features. 
  • Pre-shrunk model. 


  • Not IBJJF approved. 

Takeaway: Wonderful gi for the fans of classic design, a reinforced model that allows you to roll and transition with style.


Price/quality king is Elite Sports IBJJF, while Gameness Air Gi is superb for those who want to train and compete in the same model. Tatami Zero G V3 Jiu Jitsu Gi is built to last.


Tough to answer, each manufacturer has at least one version of a lightweight BJJ gi. 


Hayabusa OdorResist Compression Rash Guard is a flexible and comfortable model, known for AGTM Compression technology, which offers four lovely colors and five sizes. It is worth every cent!


  • IBJJF approved model.
  • Fiber-infused dying graphics enhance a model’s durability.
  • Very easy to clean, anti-microbial features. 
  • Wonderful modern design. 
  • Even a woman can wear it and roll with style. 
  • International shipping. 


  • Bit expensive. 

Takeaway: Despite you must invest more money into this model, it leads to amazing performances, and it’s one of the best rash guards in the market.


As we already said, visit a professional dentist or purchase a model and follow the instructions. There is one very important rule here–do not spare money, 20 dollars up or down is nothing compared to thousands of dollars you’ll pay to a dentist if the opponent harms your teeth!

OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard | Gum Shield for Rugby, Hockey, Wrestling, and Other Combat and Contact Sports (Adult and Junior Sizes) – 18 Month Dental Warranty

ORPO Power-Fit Mouthguard gives the ultimate level of protection for your teeth and jaw, and offers 41 design!


  • So many lovely designs.
  • It is easy to fit this model in.
  • Sizes for adults and juniors. 
  • Dental warranty.
  • It’s the official mouthguard of many martial arts and contact sports. 
  • Fair price. 
  • Easy molding. 


  • You must read the instructions carefully when setting it up.

Takeaway: If you’re interested in a mouthpiece that protects your teeth and does not move around at all within your mouth, it’s a fantastic pick for you! Safety in the first place!


Sport Large Best Gym Duffle Travel Bag Wet Dry Storage Carry On Cobra Grips Backpack is an epic choice for a BJJ practitioner who likes to carry essential BJJ gear to his sessions even in the most hostile weather conditions. If you live in England, where it rains all the time, this is a fabulous idea.


  • Waterproof.
  • A lot of space in the backpack due to its size and compartments. 
  • Extendable model. 
  • Amazing level of comfort for your shoulders, padding on handles and straps. 
  • Very tough and resistant model. 
  • It contains a ventilated compartment for the airing. 


  • Mid-to-high price range. 

Takeaway: This is a model with an adjustable shoulder strap and strong top handles, highly recommended for users who like to wear essential BJJ gear plus other valuable training items on the training session. 

You can overcome difficulties at the beginning of your career easily if you read our essential BJJ gear guide carefully and follow our guidelines.

Lightweight, durable Gi is always a fabulous option, just think whether you plan to compete soon. If the answer is no, you don’t have to chase for the expensive IBJFF approved model in the early stages of your career.

Rash guards are a superb choice in a hot climax. It gives you a decent level of protection too. 

Please be wise with mouth guards because of twenty or thirty bucks up spare thousands of dollars required for teeth repair if you hurt yourself. Don’t look at the price, pick a high-quality model. 

And take a bigger backpack with enough room and at least two compartments. Sometimes you don’t have time to travel if you have two training sessions, consider that as well!