Why You Need to Include Jumping Rope in Your Jiu Jitsu Trainings

29.06.2019 by

If you want to get better in at BJJ, then you should start jumping rope. Strange as it may sound, this simple exercise can bring lots of benefits to your conditioning and grappling game. Therefore, if you are an avid practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you’re probably aware that the training is not limited only to the mat. Rope skipping should be part of your daily workout routine as it is the most inexpensive training equipment you can have.

Why You Need to Include Jumping Rope in Your Jiu Jitsu Trainings 1 Why You Need to Include Jumping Rope in Your Jiu Jitsu Trainings

It may sound boring and monotonous, but this exercise is one of the best for your BJJ performance. Hence, this simple exercise is excellent for strengthening your feet, ankles, and calves, which is crucial for this martial art. Proper footwork is essential for stand-up and guard passing technique. Moreover, it improves the throws, standing passes and escapes.

Did you know that jumping burns more calories than running? If you want to find out more about the benefits of rope skipping for your body and the reasons why you should be training with a rope for better BJJ, keep reading.


Benefits of Jumping Rope for Improving Your BJJ Skills

  1. Enhances Cardio, Conditioning, and Endurance

You know that cardio is the key when practicing BJJ and thus, jump roping is a great way to improve that. In order to improve your cardio, rope skipping will be even more powerful than jogging and running. Plus, you can jump rope everywhere and do not even have to hit the gym.

  1. Burns Fat Super Fast

Rope skipping is also beneficial for burning fat. So, it’s an excellent exercise if you want to shed some pounds. Moreover, this simple exercise will strengthen your arms and legs and it burns approximately 300 calories per half hour.

  1. Improves Coordination, Balance, and Agility

Rope exercise will give a boost to your agility, coordination, and balance which are all crucial for Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

Why You Need to Include Jumping Rope in Your Jiu Jitsu Trainings 2 Why You Need to Include Jumping Rope in Your Jiu Jitsu Trainings

  1. Boosts Strength

If you want to be stronger, start jumping rope! This seemingly easy exercise works for all your muscle groups and even includes the wrists and ankles. Hence, being strong means that you will be excellent in offense and defending submissions.

If these reasons were enough to get you to buy a rope and include it into your workout routine, there are also other things you should know.

Additional Tips for Jumping Rope

  • The rope should always be adjusted to your height. So, prior to skipping, make sure the rope length is right for your height.
  • Choose a rope with comfortable handles as it should fit your hands properly.
  • Make rope skipping a regular workout routine, at least three times a week.
  • When you jump, try to softly jump up and down on the balls on your feet. Make sure your heels never touch the ground.
  • Don’t focus on jumping too high. Instead, relax and get into a rhythm.
  • Remember not to swing your arms and shoulders too much.
  • Position your hands slightly above your waistline.

What’s your opinion on jumping rope for increasing your skill levels and BJJ? Have you tried it yet?