The Ultimate Holiday Gift for Jiu Jitsu Lovers: BJJ Camp

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Are you looking for the perfect Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Christmas gift for your partner? Maybe you’ve been shopping around, but your partner already has a mug, or a million rashguards and Gis. If that’s the case, then perhaps you should consider a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Getaway Camp! It is an excuse for you to go on vacation while your partner is doing their favorite thing! 

What Is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Getaway Camp? 

BJJ Holiday Gift

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu camp is a series of seminars held in a remote vacation spot, often with very high level instructors. Often the camps are held in nice hotels, by a beach or a ski resort! They also offer many options for people who don’t train BJJ. Namely, morning yoga classes, luxurious spas, fun excursions like surfing or snowmobiling, and even pub crawls!

These camps take place all over the world and can also enhance you and your partner’s love for travel! Now when you go visit another part of the world you’ll have an almost unlimited number of fun things to do, and get a chance to meet people who probably have a lot of the same interests as you do! 

Where Do They Hold Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camps? 

Camps are held all over the world! You might be surprised by some of the locations they have! According to BJJ Camp Finder there are camps coming in Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, California, Italy and more! Whether you are looking for the beach, the mountains, or quaint European towns, there is definitely a camp you and your partner will both love. 

Why We Think This Is the Ultimate Gift! 

If your partner is like me (us) then probably they train 3-5 times a week, and they are pretty obsessed with Jiu Jitsu. Giving them this trip, they will be over the moon. Here is the sweet deal most of the camps are offering a special price for non-training partners, so this is the perfect opportunity for a family vacation with some “me” time for both!

Jiu Jitsu Holiday

Think about BJJ Camps as an organized excursion/vacation where someone is looking after you! For Grappling in Paradise – Aruba and Jiu Jitsu Legacy – Bansko are held in luxurious hotels, so while your partner is training, you can hit the beach or the spa and avoid situations when someone needs to compromise. 

On top of that these camps usually have Yoga classes included, or even further there is BJJ and Yoga Festival with 5 yoga classes a day and plenty of activities!  

How Much Do BJJ Camps Cost? 

Luckily, there are BJJ camps that have a range of price points and dates. While all camps differ in what is included, many are held at all-inclusive resorts, and the price of your ticket will cover food and lodging for the duration of your stay. Many offer cheaper packages for people who want to come but not train. Many camps also include a shuttle from the airport! 

Who Are the BJJ Instructors?

BJJ camps often attract some of the highest-quality instructors from around the world! There is a BJJ camp coming up in Oranjestad, Aruba that features BJJ Coral belt Wellington “Megaton” Diaz, and Coral Belt Roberto Traven! While Jiu Jitsu Legacy Camp in Bansko will have Eduardo “Teta” who won the ADCC European tournament in 2006. (Source)

Jiu Jitsu Seminars are great for allowing casual practitioners to learn from some of the best in the world. Think of Jiu Jitsu Camps as an opportunity to have not one, but sometimes ten different seminars in a week. That might sound overwhelming, but it gives you exposure to a plethora of different games and techniques you may have never seen before. 

Besides the wonderful instructors; Jiu Jitsu camps give you an opportunity to hone your game against different practitioners from all around the world. The best competitors aren’t the ones who stay in their gym, instead, they are the ones who constantly roll with new opponents. See Jiu Jitsu camp as an opportunity to expand your Jiu Jitsu pallet! 

Where can I search for BJJ Camps? 

BJJ Camp

They can even generate a special “Gift Certificate” for your partner if you are looking to make camp a surprise gift this holiday season. BJJ Camp Finder also offers the cheapest price for camps you see online! They work exclusively with each camp, so you do not pay a premium for using them. 

My Personal Experience with BJJ Camps: 

I had the pleasure of attending Jiu Jitsu Legacy Winter Camp in Bansko, Bulgaria. It’s an experience I’ll remember the rest of my life. I attended with my two friends Evan and Brian, and it is a trip I will definitely remember for the rest of my life! We got to stay at the Grand Hotel in Bansko which is a five-star resort. 

When we weren’t training we were able to relax in the luxury spa that had different kinds of Saunas, a plunge pool, and options for massages. I also was able to get to ride on a snowmobile for the first time in my life, and I made some lifelong friends on the night we went for the camp pub crawl! 

Not long after attending the camp, I was promoted to BJJ Purple belt, and I’m sure the skills I picked up at camp were the reason for my promotion! I highly recommend BJJ camp to anyone who has a passion for training, and a deep love of travel! 


Where Do They Hold Jiu Jitsu Camps? 

Jiu Jitsu Camps are held all over the world, near beaches, mountains, and cities!

Who Are the Instructors? 

Often the instructors are very notable practitioners. This can be a chance to train with the best in the world. 

How Much Does the Camp Cost? 

BJJ camps come at a variety of price points. Keep in mind, you will need to include the cost of travel. However, many camps are held at all-inclusive resorts that will cover food and lodging while you are there! 

Where Can I Search for Upcoming BJJ Camps? 

Check out BJJ Camp Finder for all the best upcoming BJJ camps around the world! 

How Do I Do Laundry during BJJ Camp? Do I Need to Bring Enough Gear for Every Day? 

Most Camps offer laundry services, or have a place to do laundry! Check out your camp’s recommendations on how much gear to bring!