Brazilians Dominant at Abu Dhabi World Pro (ADWPJJC 14)

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Brazilian athletes ended up dominating the Abu Dhabi World Pro 2022 (ADWPJJC 14) with ease, taking a combined 24 gold medals (out of a total of 31) in the professional (purple, brown, and black belt) male and female divisions

Abu Dhabi World Pro 2022 – The Most Prestigious Tournament In The World 

The 14th edition of the Abud Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship concluded just moments ago. The event was one of the best Jiu-Jitsu experiences for competitors and fans alike. 

The UAEJJF went above and beyond in putting together the most inclusive and diverse tournament to date. 

In a week full of BJJ, the Jiu-Jitsu arena in Abu Dhabi hosted the ADWPJJC 14 world tournament for kids and youth, para Jiu-Jitsu athletes, masters, and professionals, treating the BJJ community to some of the finest rappelling in the world. 

During the main event of the week, the Abu Dhabi World Pro tournament, Brazilian athletes put the “B” back in BJJ, dominating in almost every division at every belt level. 

Brazilian Dominance At the ADWPJJC 14

The Brazilian athletes won an incredible 24 gold medals at the ADWPJJC 14. A total of 31 gold medals won across all divisions brings the success of Brazilian athletes to a staggering 77.4% in the professional divisions. 

Purple Belt

Abu Dhabi World Pro Purple Belts

Male Champions

At the purple belt level, the accolades go to Brazilian athletes in 4 out of 7 weight divisions: 

  • Kleber Barbosa Alves at 56 kg
  • Joao Alves at 62 kg
  • Alikhan Igembek at 69 kg
  • William Tregart at 77 kg
  • Jefferson Alves Goteu at 85 kg
  • Danylo Wruck at 94 kg
  • Mawer Antonio at 120 kg

Kazakhstan’s Alikhan Igembek won the 69 kg division, Denmark’s William Tregart the 77 kg, and Angola’s Mawer Antonio the 120 kg. Brazilian athletes also medaled in all of these divisions, apart from the 120 kg one. 

Female Champions

Among the ADWPJJC 14 purple belt ladies, gold went to Brazilian athletes in 3 out of 5 divisions:

  • Thaynara Victoria at 49 kg
  • Thaynara Victoria at 55 kg
  • Vitoria Cabral at 62 kg
  • Vitoria Nogueira at 70 kg
  • Isabely Lemos at 95 kg

Portuguese Thaynara Victoria and Hungarian Tamara Toros won the 49 kg and 55 kg purple belt divisions, respectively. 

Brown Belt


Male Champions

At brown belt, male Brazilian athletes dominated the Abu Dhabi World Pro 2022 in 6 out of 7 weight divisions: 

  • Welison Fernandes at 56 kg
  • Jefferson Fagundes at 62 kg
  • Florian Bayili at 69 kg
  • Joao Paulo Sousa Bezerra at 77 kg
  • Rui Neto at 85 kg
  • Luiz Henrique Betta Da Sliva at 94 kg
  • Pedro Ribeiro at 120 kg

The only division won by a non-Brazilian was the 69 kg division, with the gold medal going to Belgium’s Florian Bayili, who defeated Brazilian Carlos Henrique in the finals. 

*The female brown and black belt divisions were merged, so the results will be displayed in the next section.

Black Belt 

Abu Dhabi World Pro Black Belts

Male Champions

The best of the best in the world, among the male competitors at the ADWPJJC 14, were of Brazilian nationality in 6 out of 7 weight divisions, losing out on a 100% win rate only in the 56 kg divisions (where Brazilian athletes won silver and bronze). 

These are the Abu Dhabi World Pro 2022 black belt champions: 

  • Zayed Alkatheeri at 56 kg
  • Meyran Alves at 62 kg
  • Raimundo Sodre at 69 kg
  • Lucas Protasio at 77 kg
  • Felipe Andrew at 85 kg
  • Catriel Fernandes Rodrigues at 94 kg
  • Yatan Bueno at 120 kg

Zayed Alkatheeri of the United Arab Emirates was the only non-Brazilian black belt world champion in 2022, winning the 56 kg division. 

Female Champions

The winners of the female Abu Dhabi World Pro 2022 brown/black female divisions were Brazilian in 5 out of 5 weight divisions, completely dominating the competition: 

  • Brenda Larissa at 49 kg
  • Ana Rodrigues at 55 kg
  • Julia Alves at 62 kg
  • Izadora Silva at 70 kg
  • Gabrieli Pessanha at 95 kg


The Brazilian dominance at the ADWPJJC 14 is clear, offsetting September’s American dominance in the ADCC, which happened for the first time in the history of world Jiu Jitsu championships. The Abu Dhabi World Pro 2022 was a Gi-only event, though, and with the ADCC being purely no-gi, this raises a new question, which I am sure will take years of fun and exciting competition matches to answer.