What You Need To Know About The Dream Art Project

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If you watched this year’s BJJ world championship, you may have noticed a new team called the Dream Art Project. This new team is made up of a group of top grapplers that were affiliated with Alliance BJJ, but recently split to start their own team.

The story behind why this BJJ team was created is a special one that will instantly make you want to root for them. Here is what you need to know about the Dream Art Project BJJ team.

The history of the Dream Art Project

The Dream Art Project came from the mind of BJJ world champion Isaque Bahiense. Isaque faced hardships early on in his life coming from a poor family and had little to no opportunities growing up.

Luckily, he was able to begin his BJJ journey through a social project his first BJJ professor, Fabio Andrade, started. He was forever grateful for getting this chance and always remembered how the social project helped him.

After becoming a black belt world champion, Bahiense was in a position to start his own social project and give back.

The Dream Project & Alliance BJJ

Bahiense started his project in late 2018 with the help of Alliance BJJ, who he trained with. His idea was far grander than just the normal social projects that many BJJ academies in Brazil had.

Not only would the project offer financial support for young talented grapplers, but it also provided them with many other opportunities: everything from English classes, access to higher education, and medical support to help them realize their dreams.

The Dream Art Project grows rapidly

In the beginning, Bahiense’s Dream Art Project had enough funding to support just 4 athletes. But many professors and athletes began hearing about the Dream Art Project and wanted to be a part of it.

Just over a year after the Dream Art Project started, it grew from supporting 4 athletes to over 40 athletes. This was thanks to other Alliance affiliates like Fight4Fit academy and Alliance Manaus becoming part of the Dream Art Project.

Not only were talented grapplers of all belt levels getting competitive opportunities, but also educational opportunities. 

Even Bahiense himself would take part in the educational programs, due to the fact that he had dropped out of school at 15 to pursue his Jiu Jitsu career. Now thanks to the Dream Art Project, he and his students could further their education.

The Dream Art Project & Alliance split

In September 2021, it was announced on social media that the Dream Art Project and Alliance had parted ways. 

The reason for the split came down to different business models and philosophies. Even though the teams split, they are still on good terms and Bahiense is grateful for Alliance’s assistance in their growth.

The Dream Art Project’s top competitors

The Dream Art Project is composed of some of the most talented young grapplers in the world. Here are some of the top competitors that represent the affiliation. 

Anna Rodrigues

Anna Rodrigues is a black belt under Isaque Bahiense and joined him when the Dream Art Project separated from Alliance. The 21 year old has just won her first world championship as a black belt in 2021. Rodrigues will surely add more titles to her resume as she helps her team grow.

Bia Mesquita

When The Dream Art Project went out on their own, one of the biggest additions was Bia Mesquita. One of the greatest female competitors of all time, who is now a 10x BJJ world champion. Not only does she bring prestige to Dream Art, but will also help mentor their young female athletes.

Erich Munis

Erich Munis is one part of the new generation of jiu jitsu athletes that made a splash at the 2021 world championships. His skills went to an elite level when he and his brother Anderson joined Dream Art in 20121. You will be hearing Erich and his brother’s name often going into the future.

Nicholas Meregali

One of the most shocking moves from 2021 was Nicholas Meregali moving to the Dream Art Project. Meregali was the face of Alliance BJJ’s next generation of athletes. Now that he’s a Dream Art athlete, we’ll see where his career goes from here.

Isaque Bahiense

We can’t mention the Dream Art Project without mentioning its founder and former world champion Isaque Bahiense. Isaque credits many others with the team’s growth, but without him, Dream Art wouldn’t exist. He will continue to lead his team and help improve the lives of his young athletes.

FAQs About The Dream Art Project

Who founded the Dream Art Project? 

Isaque Bahiense is the founder of the Dream Art Project.

Where is the Dream Art Project headquartered?

Dream Art Project is headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil.

When was the Dream Art Project founded?

The Dream Art Project was founded in 2018.

Can you join the Dream Art Project?

No. The Dream Art Project has a strict policy where they only invite athletes to join their gym. 

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The Dream Art Project today

The Dream Art Project branched out on their own and have already made quite a statement in the Jiu Jitsu world. At the 2021 Mundials, many Dream Art Project athletes became world champions, including black belts Anna Rodrigues, Bia Mesquita, and Erich Munis. 

This is just the beginning for Bahiene’s team. Not only will they produce more champions, but also improve the lives of their young athletes. The work that the Dream Work Art Project is doing is admirable and we need more of this in Jiu Jitsu.