The Future of Jiu-Jitsu (Rickson Gracie, Pedro Sauer, Ryron & Rener Gracie)

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People will get a chance to hear it from the man himself Rickson Gracie. He will be joined by Pedro, Rener, and Ryron in another Gracie Breakdown. Watch them discuss the importance of learning Jiu-jitsu as self-defense before continuing the journey into the competition world. Now more than ever BJJ faces a division between self-defense Jiu-jitsu and competition Jiu-jitsu. There is also a separation amongst Jiu-jitsu academies in regards to their programs and style of teaching. In today’s day and age people struggle with being patient and instant gratification is automatic.

The three black belts in this video are proponents of the traditional self-defense Jiu-jitsu system. They dive into the various topics of how to improve and preserve the traditional BJJ culture. Gracie Academy has taken a few key steps towards these goals.

They have created the Gracie Combatives System which allows people to learn Jiu-jitsu basics and self-defense skills.
Masters Cycle program comes after Gracie Combatives and it allows students to implement the skills they learned during Combatives through live sparring. More advanced techniques and skills await in this program.

Rickson emphasizes the importance of learning self-defense as a black belt. It is one thing to be a black belt, but another to also know self-defense. All three black belts in the video agree that even ”rolling” should be done with a purpose. That purpose should be to learn and improve one’s Jiu-jitsu. They also recognize the importance of competition but mention that it should not be a priority.

Average Joe will prefer learning BJJ for self-defense purposes. The young lions might gravitate more towards competition. Rickson, Pedro, Rener, and Ryron share why it is important for either of those groups to learn self-defense. Basics make Jiu-jitsu strong and allow people to practice for a long time.