Yesterday evening the GrappleFest 6 Submission Only Event took part in a nightclub in Liverpool. All three main card matches were 70 Kilo NoGi Submission Only and were finished by submission.

First Main Event was between 10th Planet rep Ben Eddy and the 43-year-old Imanari, a veteran of 58 mma fights.  Both competitors gave an uneventful fight with double guard pull positions and Eddy passing by Combatbase and Imanari attacking toe holds and leg entries without real danger. With only 44 seconds remaining Imanari gets a hold of Eddy´s foot and goes belly down for the win by straight ankle lock.

While his brother Joao was in his corner stretching before his fight and coaching, Paulo looked great with his new blonde hair and a stylish Spyder rashguard. The polish Wilks who competed in ADCC 2017 spent a bunch of time disengaging when the match started and Paulo sat down right away. After Paulo swept Kamil, he smashed and knee slided to north-south position. After a scramble and the same situation s, in the beginning, Pauli swept again by an omoplata attempt. Then at 2:57 remaining Paulo gets an inverted triangle from guard and finished with an armlock from that position in the fifteen-minute match.

Two New York residents battling it out in Liverpool here, Joao repping Unity and Rosenthal from Renzo Gracie. Paulo and Joao simply switch places as Paulo sits down to coach, no entry music for Joao as he is on the mat before they even call his name. After the Paulo match Joao just switched places with his brother Paolo, no entry music needed, since he was already on the mat before his name was called. The battle between the two New York residents in Liverpool at GrappleFest6 everyone was looking forward to. Unity´s Joao against Renzi Gracie´s Rosenthal.

Joao was able to get on top with a single leg after playing guard. Joao gets to his classic passing style by forcing Rosenthal into half guard while chaining together standing passes. After securing an underhook and cross face he passed to Knee on belly to mount to get to the back with a body triangle. Two RNC attempts later Joao wins with a choke on the face or neck crank. Outstanding performance by Joao.

MAIN CARD Result GrappleFest 6

Joao Miyao def. Frank Rosenthal by rear naked choke

Paulo Miyao def. Kamil Wilk by armbar

Masakazu Imanari def. Bed Eddy by straight footlock

Matheusz Szczecinski def. Sean McDonagh by outside heel hook

Jack Grant def. Tom Caughey by unanimous decision

Tom Breese def. Lee Chadwick by rear naked choke

Jay Butler def. Kev Corkhill by unanimous decision

Adam Ellis def. Mariusz Domasat by kimura

Paul Lukowski def. Lee Simpson by split decision

Shane Price def. Chris Regan by unanimous decision

Abbie O’Toole def. Maia Holmes by inside heel hook

James Walters def. Radek Romanek by inside heel hook

Craig McIntosh def. Wing Chau Cheung by unanimous decision

Ben Robson def. Dylan Scott by split decision

Preliminary Card results of GRAPPLEFEST 6

Ciaran Brohan def. Neil Atkins  by unanimous decision

Josh Cherrington def. Danny Tyler by rear naked choke

Danny Hughes def. Mike Reay by unanimous decision

Sam Quinn def. Ben Hills by split decision

Josh Kennedy def. Josh Roberts by armbar

Piotr Chojnacki def. Ash Fletcher by inside heel hook

Declan Williams def. Gary Priestly by arm triangle choke

Christian Knight def. Paul Shannon by rear naked choke

Jamie Shattock def. Brett Reeve by triangle armbar

Shane Curtis def. John Moffatt by unanimous decision

Suzanne Wilson def. Hannah Garrett by unanimous decision

Brad McDonagh def. Charlie Baker by guillotine

Brian Fitzgibbon def. Logan Keenoy by Americana

Shea Williams def. Liam Finnegan by guillotine