Interview with Andrea Verdemare before ADWPJJC13

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Hello Andrea, can you please introduce yourself to our readers? 

Hi, I’m Andrea Verdemare from Rome, Italy. I’m third degree black belt and founder of FLOW team.

Is it your first time participating in Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship?

I already competed in adult, but it is my first time in the masters division (I’m going to do the both). To be honest, I don’t have any particular fight in mind, but I remember when I stepped in the ADWPJJC arena… I was impressed by the high level of the organization to lead our sport to the next level, offering the athletes an opportunity to win prizes which in certain cases can change lives.

How is your training going leading up to the ADWPJJC?

I had short period to prepare myself due to old injuries, but I did my best to quickly regain my shape and cut the weight (already done). I’m focusing on my conditioning, so there are no moments during the fights when my mind want to act and my body doesn’t. In the last CNTL Pro here in Rome I had a great experience as referee. That help me in understanding better the rules set and avoid strategy mistakes. So everything is done…now is the time to let the motivation flames burn.

How did the sport of Jiu Jitsu impact you on a personal level? Why do you recommend youth to practice the sport?

As I said, Jiu Jitsu is not only my passion, but is my job as well. It changed my life without any doubts. Every day, I wake up happy to live with what I love the most.

For youth, there are so many motivations to practice. I believe that BJJ is not only about self-confidence or physical skills, it is about mindset. Then learning how to react to the failures, finding solutions instead of running from the problems, developing creativity to find their own answers.

How do you see Abu Dhabi hosting global Jiu Jitsu championships and giving the chance for athletes to compete against the best in the world?

As I said it is a great opportunity and the organization is doing a great job becoming better along of the years.

Who influenced you the most in developing your BJJ game?

I love to study all the aspects of BJJ. I was also training Judo and Wrestling. I have the opportunity to learn from so many great champs and everyone teaches me something about technical aspect or mind approach. If I have to list some names for sure Ricardo Vieira, Mendes Bros, Thalison Soares, Gabriel Marangoni, Michael Langhi and Lucas Lepri. However, who really push me to evolve my game is my girlfriend Serena Gabrielli. She is my main drilling and sparring partner. She asks me questions and puts me in situations during the sparring, which I have to solve.

Would you like to give any advice to our readers that would help them either on the mat or in their lives?

Be constant, be respectful and grateful to your team and professors…alone we are nothing.