Interview with Giorgi Razmadze before ADWPJJC13

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Hello Giorgi, can you please introduce yourself to our readers? 

Hello, my name is Giorgi Razmadze, I am the black belt of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am representing one of the most successful Jiu Jitsu club in the world – Alliance.

Is it your first time participating in Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship?

No, this is my fourth time, and my most memorable experience was when I won the world championship in brown belts, master 1. I won 3 fights, 2 by submission and the final fight by points.

How is your training going leading up to the ADWPJJC?

Really good, I passed acclimatization, and I’m ready to fight!!!

How did the sport of Jiu Jitsu impact you on a personal level? Why do you recommend youth to practice the sport?

Before Jiu Jitsu, I did ten years of Judo, so sport and kimonos are very important things in my life. Jiu Jitsu gives me a lot of friends and like-minded people. Jiu Jitsu is good for young guys because it gives them big perspective, and also you can find a lot of good friends and nice people!

How do you see Abu Dhabi hosting global Jiu Jitsu championships and giving the chance for athletes to compete against the best in the world?

I think Abu Dhabi is one of the greatest place to hold the world championship, also the organization of the championship is in the highest level!

Who influenced you the most in developing your BJJ game?

If we can say at all, I think that I make my game by myself, but I watch a lot of videos of the ground game of Marcelo and the top game of Cobrinha. I took a lot of details from their game.

Would you like to give any advice to our readers that would help them either on the mat or in their lives?

Believe in yourself and don’t stop on the way to your goals, set goals and achieve them.