Interview with Jakub Najdek before ADWPJJC13

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Hello Jakub, can you please introduce yourself to our readers? 

My name is Jakub Najdek, I’m a brown belt under Adam Wardziński. I am training in Checkmat Poznań. My biggest achievement is a silver medal at IBJJF No Gi Worlds as a purple belt. Since I graduated, I am living a 100% Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle. I am running No Gi group in Checkmat Poznań and giving private classes.

Is it your first time participating in Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship?

It will be my first time at ADWPJJC. I decided to do that, because it’s the one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. Also, my coach Adam told me that I have to do World Pro this year, because to be the best, you have to compete on the biggest stages, not only on the local tournaments.

How is your training going leading up to the ADWPJJC?

My trainings didn’t change a lot. I just try to do more trainings in the Gi and focus more on this part of Jiu Jitsu. Since the pandemic, we have sparring session in the mornings, and technical training in the evenings. We are training from Monday to Friday. In Checkmat Poznan we are training both gi and no gi. It is more gi training but this type of schedule it’s good for everybody in the gym. I try to do 8-10 training sessions during the week. Except Jiu Jitsu trainings, I have one S&C training in the week with my coach Michał Sobkowiak.

How did the sport of Jiu Jitsu impact you on a personal level? Why do you recommend youth to practice the sport?

Jiu Jitsu changed my life 180 degrees. I was playing soccer since a young age, and as a teenager I almost played as a professional. But Jiu Jitsu changed that. As soon as I only started training Jiu Jitsu I felt that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. 
Jiu Jitsu develops your body and also strength and agility. Personally, Jiu Jitsu is helping me to overcome struggles in life, because every problem that take place on a mat you could solve in the same way in a real life. I recommend BJJ not only for kids but for all the people. I think that everyone should try BJJ. Learning about BJJ is the same thing as learning about your body, movements, balance, how to keep calm mind and concentrate on the task. I noticed that kids who training BJJ learn stuff about respect, punctuality and discipline.

How do you see Abu Dhabi hosting global Jiu Jitsu championships and giving the chance for athletes to compete against the best in the world?

I think Abu Dhabi is a great place to organize World Championships. It’s because of the climate, and after all it’s not so far from Poland. Only the plane tickets could be cheaper 🙂

Who influenced you the most in developing your BJJ game?

At first my biggest motivation was Marcelo Garcia but since that time my biggest role model has become a guy with whom I’m training every day – my coach Adam. Because of him, I’m pushing myself everyday on the mat, stepping out of my comfort zone and becoming the better version of myself.

Would you like to give any advice to our readers that would help them either on the mat or in their lives?

Hard work and dedication is the only way to do something big in your life. Listen to your heart and follow your dreams. Dream big. Don’t look for excuses but for solutions. At the end, I’d like to thank my biggest supporters – my family. Also, I’d like to thank my sponsors, because of them I can compete all around the world and make my dreams come true.