Interview with Xavi Bas before ADWPJJC13

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Hello Xavi, can you please introduce yourself to our readers? 

Hello, my name is Xavi Bas, I am a black belt under Sergio Calderón and my team is CFC TEAM. 

I am from Spain and I live in Cerdanyola del Vallès (a city near Barcelona) 

I have been practicing Jiu Jitsu for 10 years with my team and my teacher. Currently, I teach classes for children and introduction program at the Cerdanyola Fight club academy.

Is it your first time participating in Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship?

I have participated several times at the World Pro, from purple belt to now which will be my first time as a black belt.

I have very good memories with my team and friends from each year that I have participated, but especially in April of this year, when I managed to close the semifinal with a teammate (two from the same country cannot close the final). This was my last experience as a brown belt.

How is your training going leading up to the championship? [COMBINE WITH] How is your training going leading up to the ADWPJJC?

As always, we try to be prepared all year round for any competition. 

I am lucky to have Sergio Calderón in each training session with my teammates and I believe that with them, you can be prepared for any competition wherever it may be.

How did the sport of Jiu Jitsu impact you on a personal level? Why do you recommend youth to practice the sport?

For me, Jiu Jitsu is a lifestyle.  It changed my life completely. I think that everyone should play sports (whatever it is) because of the many benefits it brings, but especially Jiu Jitsu, I think it makes us respectful, more humble, and confident with ourselves.

When you step on the tatami, everything else stays outside. BJJ makes us better, both on and off the mat.

How do you see Abu Dhabi hosting global Jiu Jitsu championships and giving the chance for athletes to compete against the best in the world?

It seems to me that they have been doing an excellent job for many years now. 

They have made this sport much more professional, from white to black belts. They are giving many opportunities to athletes from all over the world, and that is the most difficult part to find from any organization.

Who influenced you the most in developing your BJJ game?

I could say many names of world athletes (Cobrinha, Mendes, Musumeci, Caio Terra, Tommy Langaker …) but especially I believe that my teacher Sergio, he has a very dynamic game and is always learning and improving.

Also, he is always willing to make my game evolve with both classic and modern things (which I like a lot hahaha).

Would you like to give any advice to our readers that would help them either on the mat or in their lives?

I can only say that if you want something (in any aspect) go for that thing.  Step by step, but really in life there is nothing impossible and everything can be achieved. Some will be faster in time and others will take years, but everything is achieved.