The Best Jiu Jitsu Mats For Setting Up A Home Gym

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Wouldn’t you love to be able to practice Jiu Jitsu in the comfort of your own home in addition to regular training sessions in your Academy? With the right solo drills, you don’t necessarily need a partner to train BJJ at home, but there is one thing you can’t do without – BJJ mats. 

Jiu Jitsu mats for home use are different from the heavy-duty ones found in academies and are usually designed to be set up and taken down quickly. Most people will find the Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Home Mat a great fit – but keep reading to see our take on 7 of the best BJJ mats for home use.

Reviews of the Top Jiu Jitsu Mats for Home Use

Best Overall: Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Home Mat

10’x10′ Dollamur Flexi-Roll® Wrestling Home Mat (black)
  • Light weight
  • Practice circle with starting marks
  • Easy roll up
  • 1.25″ thick
  • Weight of each 5’x10′ is 20lbs

The Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Home Mat is a rollout mat that is perfect for use in any home gym – it is made of two portable parts that come together easily to form a 10’ by 10’ mat space where you can comfortably do grappling drills, train techniques, or roll. 

Product Details: 

  • Thickness: 1.25″
  • Surface texture: Smooth
  • Mat type: Rollout 
  • Mat connector style: Mat tape (Included) 
  • Material: Vinyl shell and high-quality sports foam interior

The fact that these mats are rollout-type mats means you can treat them similar to a Yoga mat – just roll them up in a bundle when you’re done and stick them anywhere you want. This way, you don’t have to have a space in your home dedicated solely to your home gym.  

Another reason why these are the perfect Jiu Jitsu mats for home is the practice circle and start marks, which provide markers for doing drills that help to develop body awareness skills specific for grappling. 

Runner Up: Greatmats Home MMA Foam Tile Mats

Greatmats Home MMA Foam Tile for Grappling, Jiu Jitsu, 2×2 Ft x 1.5 Inch, 10 Pack, Red/Blue
  • Interlocking puzzle mats for BJJ and MAA at home
  • Super thick 1.5 inch MMA home mats provide cushion and support
  • Waterproof, removable and durable MMA mats feature a no burn tatami surface
  • Reversible black/gray or red/blue available in 10 packs
  • Fast, easy installation and cleaning, each MMA mat includes 2 border strips

If you’d prefer to use tile mats that connect via interlocking puzzle edges, the Greatmats Home MMA Foam Tile Mats cover all of your needs. They are very durable and thick enough to allow for safe training of all aspects of grappling, standing, and on the ground. 

Product Details: 

  • Thickness: 1.5″
  • Surface texture: Ribbed textured surface (Tatami-pattern)
  • Mat type: Tiles
  • Mat connector style: Puzzle 
  • Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (Closed-cell EVA foam rubber)

The Greatmats Home MMA Foam Tile Mats come in a 10-pack, covering 40 square feet. This is a good amount for light drilling, although if you are hoping to roll at home you’ll want to buy two or three sets. 

An important feature of these mats is that they are non-absorbent, which makes them long lasting and easy to quickly clean up after sweaty training sessions.

The mats are double-sided and two-color (grey-black or blue-red combinations) which allows you to set up your training area in different ways. Moreover, it means that if one side starts showing wear and tear, you can just flip the mats over and use them just as long on the other side. 

Lightweight: Z Athletic Folding Panel Mats

Z Athletic Folding Mat for Gymnastics and Tumbling, 4 Ft x 8 Ft x 2 In Black
  • Multifunctional Gymnastics Equipment – This gymnastics mat for home, competitive, or commercial use makes a perfect pilates mat, dance mat, parkour mat, weight training mat, general exercise mat, cheerleading mat, and more
  • Durable Gym Mat – Made of high-density cross-linked polyethylene foam covered in 18-oz. vinyl, our tumbling mats meet or exceed industry standards in all categories; 2 year warranty
  • Expandable Size – Hook-and-loop connections on all 4 sides allow for side-to-side and end-to-end connections to other mats; 2 inches thick for the highest-quality, firmest support; Measures 4 feet by 8 feet by 2 inches when unfolded and 4 feet by 2 feet by 8 inches when folded
  • Easy to Clean – The easy-to-clean non-porous vinyl surface resists punctures; Simply clean with washcloth, soap and water; Meets all CPSIA standards as of 2008
  • Professional Design – We know quality; We’ve been designing and manufacturing gymnastics mats for over 20 years and our products are used in homes and gyms across the country

These folding mats are portable, easy to store and set up, and lightweight. The mats are 4ft x 8ft when unfolded – making one perfect for drills, or two set side by side for rolling. These mats are thicker compared to most tile or roll-out mats. /aawp

Product Details:

  • Thickness: 2″
  • Surface texture: Smooth
  • Mat type: Folding
  • Mat connector style: Tape / Velcro (not included) 
  • Material: Vinyl shell and high-quality closed-cell foam filling

The Z Athletic Folding Panel Mats are tri-folds mat with handles. When folded, the mats are 4ft x 2ft x 8in which makes them easy to store, while the handles make them easy to carry around. If you’re looking to pack up your training area after practice, these mats will make your life very easy. 

Lighter in weight than the rest of the best Jiu Jitsu mats for home use, these mats are also 2 inches thick, which means you safely train high-impact takedowns and throws on them, while also having the ability to install them in minutes. 

Available in black, blue, pink, grey, purple, blue/green, black/pink, pink/grey, and pink/purple. 

Budget Option: We Sell Mats Martial Arts EVA Foam Exercise Mat

We Sell Mats 3/4 Inch Thick Martial Arts EVA Foam Exercise Mat, Tatami Pattern, Interlocking Floor Tiles for Home Gym, MMA, Anti-Fatigue Mats, 24 in x 24 in
  • High-Density EVA Foam Martial Arts Mat – We Sell Mats premium martial arts mat is crafted from high-density EVA foam, providing a durable and cushioned surface for your training needs. Each square tile measures 24″ x 24″ and is 3/4″ thick.
  • Secure Grip with Tatami Texture – The tatami-patterned, ribbed textured surface of our mat offers a secure grip, preventing feet from slipping during intense workouts. This feature provides comfort and stability for both kids and adults.
  • Commercial-Grade Gym Flooring – Designed to withstand heavy foot traffic & rigorous fitness activities, our interlocking puzzle floor tiles create a sturdy and reliable gym floor. Tiles fit seamlessly together, offering easy assembly for gym environments.
  • Easy Installation and Cleaning – Setting up your gym floor is a breeze. Martial arts mat can be assembled over any hard floor or flat indoor surface, providing additional padding where needed. Tiles comes with two borders that interlock together.
  • Anti-Fatigue Cushion Support – EVA foam provides anti-fatigue cushioning, reducing strain on your feet, knees, back during long hours of standing. When you’re engaging in activities on hard flooring, this mat offers the necessary support for your joints.

These tile-type mats are available in different packs (4, 6 or 12 tile-packs) allowing you to acquire the exact number of mats you’ll need to cover a specific training area. 

Product Details:

  • Thickness: 3/4″
  • Surface texture: Ribbed textured surface (Tatami-pattern)
  • Mat type: Tiles
  • Mat connector style: Puzzle
  • Material: High-density EVA foam rubber

The dense EVA foam these mats are made of provides cushioned support to protect your joints during high-impact movements. It takes a significant strain off your joints and makes training grappling a lot more comfortable. 

The mats are very easy to set up and easy to clean. They are lead-free, latex-free, and phthalate-free. Available colors are red, black, blue, and light gray. 

These mats offer a lot of square footage for the price – but are thinner than many of their competitors and if set up over hard flooring may not offer enough protection for more intense rolls. A 1” thick version is available for people looking for a bit more padding.

Best Value: ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat

ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat 6’x4’ with Carrying Handles for Tumbling, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Stretching, Core Workouts, Grey
  • EASY TO CARRY -Tri-fold design is compact for storage with two carrying handles for convenient on-the-go fitness
  • COMFORTABLE WORKOUT SURFACE – Provides an easy-to-clean, cushioned floor for gymnastics practice, workouts, stretching, martial arts, dance, wrestling and tumbling
  • 4-SIDED VELCRO – Velcro on all sides makes it easy to connect multiple mats for one large workout floor – perfect for gymnastics, kid’s play space, or group fitness
  • JOINT SUPPORT – Resilient foam interior keeps its shape for long-term usability and protect knees, wrists, elbows & back
  • SIZE & COLORS – Available in blue, grey, and black. Dimensions: 71”L x47”Wx 2”T

This folding mat is similar to the Z Athletic Folding Panel Mats, although it is a three panel design rather than the larger 4 panel of the Z Athletic. It has handles that make it portable, is easily stored due to the tri-folding system, and has hook and loop panels along the sides allowing you to easily attach multiple mats. 

Product Details:

  • Thickness: 2″
  • Surface texture: Smooth
  • Mat type: Folding
  • Mat connector style: Hook and Loop
  • Material: Vinyl shell, EPE foam filling

These portable mats are exactly what you need if you want portable Jiu Jitsu mats for home. They are easier to carry around and store compared to other folding mats, and offer amazing value when compared to other top BJJ mats for home. 

The foam used as filling makes these mats very comfortable and durable, helping them keep their shape for a long time, which means you can set up a good quality long-lasting home gym even on a budget.  

The mats are waterproof and scratch-resistant and are available in grey and blue (at the time of publishing blue costs significantly more than grey for reasons unknown).

Most Portable: Polar Aurora Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat

Polar Aurora 4’x10’x2 Thick Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat Aerobics Stretching Yoga Mats (4 Color)
  • High Density and EPE Foam — Polar Aurora 4’x10’x2″ gymnastic mat is made of highly dense and environmentally friendly EPE foam. It is soft and highly resilient enough for anyone to train or do exercises on it as well as gives you strong and comfortable support.The holster is thickened, waterproof, anti-cracking and non-slip. Strengthen stitching & multi-function: In order to achieve tear resistance and durability, all stitches are strengthened.
  • Easy Storage and Carriage — The whole mat consists of four panels that can be easily folded. The folding form can greatly save storage space. Two handles are sewn in both ends of the mat and are easy for to hold and carry.
  • Durable PU Leather and Easy to Keep Clean — The entire gymnastic mat is covered with PU leather which is long-lasting enough to protect inner foam and ensure safe exercise. Besides, the surface is so smooth.
  • Suitable for Various Exercise — 4’x10’x2″ dimensions are enough for training and exercise. Many colors are suitable for your choice.When folded, the size of the yoga mat do not take a place. This size will be A variety of training or exercises can be done on it such as Yoga, dancing, light stretching, wrestling, martial arts and general exercise.
  • Designing and manufacturing gymnastics mats — For more than 20 years, the products are used in homes and gyms across the country. Only sell 2 inches thick cushions, the best quality, the strongest support, and meet or exceed industry standards in all areas.

The Polar Aurora Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat is a folding 4 panel mat. This mat features two sewn-in handles, and are among the easiest to carry around and store. 

Product Details:

  • Thickness: 2″
  • Surface texture: Smooth
  • Mat type: Folding
  • Mat connector style: Hook and Loop
  • Material: PU leather, high-density, and EPE foam filling

The Polar Aurora Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat is a 2” thick folding mat that is larger than any other mat of the type. One mat covers a 4’x10’ surface – meaning that a single mat is sufficient for solo drills, two for partner drills and light rolling, or three for a huge personal home BJJ gym.

An important feature of these mats is also the available colors. They come in 14 different designs, half of which feature three color combinations, allowing you to customize the appearance of your home gym. Apart from being portable the mats are also soft but at the same time resilient enough to last a very long time. 

Most Resistant: IncStores Tatami Foam Flooring Tiles

IncStores 7/8 Inch Thick Tatami Foam Flooring Tiles | Textured Interlocking Foam Tiles for Martial-Arts Floor Protection in Your Home Gym, Playroom, and More | Red/Blue, 4-2’x2′ Tiles (16 Sq Ft)
  • TRADITIONAL TEXTURE, MODERN PERFORMANCE: Handcraft the ultimate dojo for today’s martial arts. With 7/8″ of closed cell EVA foam rubber to offer a firm yet forgiving impact profile, Tatami tiles are ready for anything your journey throws at them.
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: With the trustworthy shock absorption EVA foam mat tiles offer, this combat-ready flooring lets men, women, and kids reach their fitness goals in combat sports, martial arts, and more without feeling the hard floor beneath.
  • SPAR WITH CONFIDENCE: No indoor workout is too much for our Tatami-top interlocking foam floor tiles. Wrestling, BJJ, MMA, Kickboxing, and Judo are no match for these extra large floor mats, so you can jump, crash, roll, and compete with confidence.
  • DESIGN YOUR DREAM DOJO: Explore the limits of your personalized fitness facility with 2’x2′ foam floor mats sturdy enough for takedowns, but soft enough to nap on, plus endless room-filling capability and 2 reversible colorways to meet your needs.
  • A FOUNDATION OF QUALITY: For more than a decade, IncStores has been outfitting every room around the home with high-quality interlocking floor tiles in countless styles, because a stronger, safer, smarter looking home starts from the floor up.

The IncStores Tatami Foam Flooring tiles were built to last – they are not just waterproof, but also mold and mildew resistant, insulating, and highly shock-absorbent.  

Product Details:

  • Thickness: 7/8″
  • Surface texture: Ribbed textured surface (Tatami-pattern)
  • Mat type: Tiles
  • Mat connector style: Puzzle 
  • Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (Closed-cell EVA foam rubber)

If you’re looking for Jiu Jitsu mats for home that you’re going to set up once and use for probably the rest of your life, IncStorecTatmi Foam Flooring Tiles are exactly what you need. The interlocking foam tiles will provide you with not just a sturdy and soft training surface with incredible shock-absorbing properties, in addition to tear resistance and extended durability. 

The mats are double-sided, which further extends their lifespan (flip them over and you get “new” mats in minutes). They are available in a black-grey and red-blue combination. 

Since these mats are meant to stay in place once set up, you have the option of picking anywhere from 4 tiles to a 60-tile (240 square feet!) pack in order to precisely cover your training area. 

How to Choose the Best BJJ Mats for Your Home Gym?

What are the most important features that you need to focus on when picking out the best Jiu Jitsu mats for home gyms? Apart from the surface area, you need to be aware of mat types, thickness, how to install them, and how to keep them clean. 

How Much Mat Space Do I Need for Training BJJ at home?

When it comes to mat space, more is better. You’ve probably noticed that no matter how big the training space, people always manage to find the edges and this applies at home too! 

Mat Space for Solo Drills

For solo drills you can get away with a fairly compact mat space – say ~24 square feet. You’ll want a rectangular profile rather than square – as many solo drills, like wrestlers shots or granby rolls, require more length than width to practice.

Mat Space for Partner Drills

If you want to drill techniques with a partner you’ll find that anything under 48 square feet is challenging. Some techniques can be drilled in less space, but many sweeps will be almost impossible to keep on the tatami. Once partners are involved square profiles are generally preferred.

Mat Space for Rolling

The minimum recommended mat space for rolling is 8ft by 8ft (64 square feet), although you’ll likely find yourself running off the mat frequently. A better bet is 10ft by 10ft (100 square feet) – this will ensure you spend more time rolling and less time resetting back to the center.

Types of Home BJJ Mat Types

There are three main types of Jiu Jitsu mats for home use: 

  1. Rollout mats
  2. Folding Mats
  3. Tile Mats

Each has their strengths and weaknesses, and picking the best ones for you will depend on what your home BJJ gym needs are. 

Rollout mats are the easiest to set up and use – just like rolling a carpet out. They are great both when you want to roll them up after training sessions, or for staying in place permanently. A possible downside might be the thickness – The Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Home Mat for example is 1.25” thick which is great for rolling but might be too hard for high impact takedowns. 

Folding mats also offer up the option of a portable training area – they are easy to set up and store. They are thicker than tile or rollout mats, making them perfect for higher impact training. A drawback is that they do not fit in place as tightly as tile or rollout mats, and generally result in crevices that may catch fingers or toes.

Tile mats are an option you should consider when setting up a more permanent home gym. They can be removed, but it will take more time than with rollout or folding mats. On the other hand, these connect very tightly and larger sets tend to be quite stable. They are usually not as thick as folding mats, but their design does offer similar shock-absorbing properties. 

Moreover, they are often double-sided, like the Greatmats Home MMA Foam Tile Mats, offering double the lifespan. 

Essential Features of Home Mats

The three things you should look at when picking your BJJ mats for home use boil down to: 

  • Thickness
  • Texture 
  • Material 

The thickness usually ranges from ⅞” (mostly in tile-type mats) to 2” thick. The bottom end of that range is appropriate for solo and partner drills, while practicing takedowns is best saved for mats on the upper end of the spectrum.

The texture of training mats varies between smooth and textured. Smooth mats allow for easier movement but can become slippery, especially when sweaty. Textured mats offer more grip but are only available in tile-type mats (We Sell Mats Martial Arts EVA Foam Exercise Mat).

For light training sessions smooth mats may be better as you’ll move more easily. Harder training sessions will benefit from a tatami surface.

The materials of mats sometimes include an outer shell material, that is generally vinyl (or sometimes PE leather, like in the Polar Aurora Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat) and a dense foam filling. The sturdiness varies from mat to mat, but they all have similar shock absorption and protective qualities. 

In the end, a key feature of materials is how durable, tear, and scratch-resistant they are, as well as how easy they are to clean. Both vinyl and rubberized EVA foam check all those boxes. 

Simple Ways to Set Up Your Mat Space 

When it comes to setting up a mat space at your home, you need to consider whether or not it is going to be of a temporary or permanent nature. If you have to remove your mats after every workout, that will greatly affect the choice of Jiu Jitsu mats from home you acquire. 

When you’re setting your mat space up, you’ll need to keep in mind that you may want to place the mats over a hard surface, like a wooden floor, rather than on carpets or other surfaces that might move around. When placed over carpet you’ll get better shock absorption, but you’ll need to invest in a rug pad to help keep the mats in place.

Veken Non Slip Rug Pad Gripper 8 x 10 Feet Extra Thick Pads for Any Hard Surface Floors, Keep Your Rugs Safe and in Place, Under Carpet Anti Skid Mat
  • Non-slip Protection: Our pad’s signature grip will keep rugs in place and prevent them from bunching and sliding during normal daily use. Protecting your floors from normal wear and tear, high heels, kids playing and more. Plus, the thick pad gives carpets and rugs that extra cushion that elevates the comfort of your home.
  • Durable & Strong: Made with premium materials, our non-slip rug pads are long-lasting. Plus, enjoy 2-year risk-free shopping support from the manufacturer. If you find any problems or defects with your purchase, it will be replaced free of charge.
  • Floor Protection: The rug pads help to avoid scratches made by daily life with the open grid construction. This allows air to circulate and prevents dust from settling under your rug.
  • Easy Installation: All rug pads can easily be trimmed with household scissors for unique sizes and shapes to meet your needs.
  • A Game Changer for Futons: This rug pad is also great for preventing futons, seat cushions, and mattresses from sliding while adding additional cushion too. Not intended for use on vinyl, lacquered, acrylic, natural stone, porous, refinished surfaces, concrete, or heated floors.

It would be ideal if you have the chance to cover an entire area (wall to wall) but that requires carefully measuring your space. In such a case, tile mats are your best choice, given that you can trim and cut the pieces to fit. 

If you’re placing mats in a central area with no frames around them, rollout mats like the Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Home Mat are your best option for staying put. 

Connecting Mats Together 

With tile mats, connecting mats to form a training area is easy – their edges fit into each other like a puzzle. Rollout mats are also easy to connect, although they will require specialized mat tape to make a seamless connection. 

Folding mats are the hardest to keep together, given that they are thicker than rollout or tile mats, and usually larger. Most of them have a hook and loop closure to connect multiple mats into a larger training area. However, the issue with spaces in between folding mats will always persist. Mat tape might be the solution here, but that is only an option for permanent training areas. 

FAQs About Jiu Jitsu Mats for Home Use

How thick should BJJ mats for home use be?

BJJ mats for home use should be at least .75” for light drilling, or greater than 1” for rolling. You’ll want 1.5” or more if you’re planning on practicing takedowns.

Should BJJ mats have a tatami finish versus smooth mat surface

Textured surfaces will provide a more stable surface because they are not as slippery. However, that also comes with the potential for more mat burns compared to mats with a smooth surface. For sweaty rolling sessions tatami is generally preferable while smooth is better for light rolling sessions or cooler climates.

How to clean your mats? 

BJJ mats are waterproof, so simple solutions of water and soap are usually more than sufficient. If you’d like to learn more about cleaning and maintaining mats with both mechanical and chemical means be sure to check out our detailed guide

Are puzzle mats good for Jiu Jitsu?

Yes, puzzle mats are a good choice for Jiu Jitsu, but you need to consider what sort of training you’re planning on doing since they are available in different thicknesses. An added benefit of puzzle mats is that they’re often double-sided which greatly extends their lifespan.


The clear winner when it comes to Jiu Jitsu mats for home use is the Dollamur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Home Mat. It is thick enough to drill, roll and practice light takedowns. Whether you want a permanent mat area or one that you can set up when needed, these mats check all the boxes in terms of durability, portability, and ease of storage.

If you’re looking for a tatami surface or have a smaller area to fill, our recommendation for tile mats is the Greatmats Home MMA Foam Tile Mats. These offer the same thickness as the Dollamur mats but are more easily customized to fit small or oddly shaped spaces.

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