Jiu Jitsu X vs. BJJ Fanatics, Which is Better?

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Most of us who train BJJ are constantly looking for ways to improve our game. YouTube videos can be helpful, but often they just don’t cut it. Websites such as Jiu Jitsu X and BJJ Fanatics offer detailed instructional videos taught by advanced practitioners and IBJJF and ADCC champions that can take your game to the next level. 

But which of these sites is best for you? Keep reading for a detailed comparison of each site to help you make your decision!

Jiu Jitsu X vs. BJJ Fanatics Review Comparison

Both Jiu Jitsu X and BJJ Fanatics offer courses taught by world champion Jiu Jitsu black belts. The content and quality of instruction provided on both sites are top-notch. However, there are some differences between the two.

Jiu Jitsu X

Jiu Jitsu X offers first-rate instruction by professional grapplers such as Keenan Cornelius, Paulo Miyao, Robert Drysdale, and Nathiely De Jesus, to name a few. Keenan Cornelius recently moved his platform, Keenan Online, to Jiu Jitsu X.


  • The layout of the Jiu Jitsu X website is straightforward and easy to follow.
  • The videos seem more polished than BJJ Fanatics.
  • Discount codes are clearly marked at the top of the site (I can’t remember how many times I’ve been on a website searching hopelessly for a promo code). 
  • The site includes related video content including nutrition advice, which is an essential yet often overlooked part of improving in BJJ.


  • Jiu Jitsu X tends to be more expensive than its competitors. Even when you consider the Daily Steals section, most instructionals range from $50 to $100. Some courses in the Daily Steals section are nearly $200! 
  • I found myself wanting more content; JiuJitsu X offers fewer categories than BJJ Fanatics.

BJJ Fanatics

BJJ Fanatics was founded by 5x IBJJF world champion Bernardo Faria and black belt Michael Zenga to “create a shop for BJJ Students who don’t look at Jiu-Jitsu as a sport – but a lifestyle.” BJJ Fanatics offers courses taught by big names in Jiu Jitsu, such as Bernardo Faira, John Danaher, Gordon Ryan, and Marcelo Garcia.


  • BJJ Fanatics is reasonably priced. The Daily Deals range from around $40 to $60. Promo codes are also clearly marked at the top of the site. 
  • BJJ Fanatics offers more content than Jiu Jitsu X and includes videos for other disciplines like Catch Wrestling, Judo, Wrestling, Striking, and Strength Training
  • BJJ Fanatics offers a Mindset section that provides an opportunity for well-rounded training–physical and mental. 
  • You can browse videos by fighter, which is great if you’re looking to learn from a specific instructor.


  • Video quality is good, but details are easier to see in the Jiu Jitsu X videos.
  • The large selection can be overwhelming to search through.

Features Face Off

Both Jiu Jitsu X and BJJ Fanatics offer great instructional Jiu Jitsu videos. You can’t go wrong with either choice if you want to add new moves to your Jiu Jitsu arsenal.

However, Jiu Jitsu X is the only place you can get Keenan Online videos. So if Keenan Cornelius is your man, Jiu Jitsu X is the place to go. Other stand-out categories in Jiu Jitsu X are Lapel guards, Masters, and the nutritional video in the non-grappling section. 

In terms of searchability, BJJ Fanatics wins. Both sites offer attacks and submissions, passing/top game, berimbolo, and guard play videos, but BJJ Fanatics separates those into a more diverse range of categories that you can easily search.

BJJ Fanatics also offers a broader range of videos such as strength and conditioning for supplemental training, beginner guides, videos on mindset that prepare you mentally and physically for training and competition.

They also offer instructionals on other disciplines, which makes BJJ Fanatics the winner in my book. (Also, who doesn’t love watching Bernardo Faria? It’s a “huge honor” to write this).

Stand-Out Features

BJJ Fanatics:

  • Beginners section: BJJ Fanatics offers a Beginners section that contains Escapes, Fundamentals, and Guard categories within it. BJJ Fanatics handpicks fundamental videos geared toward the beginner student. This is something I wish I knew about when I was a white belt. (Jiu Jitsu X offers a fundamentals section too, but it is not as thoroughly developed)
  • Mindset section: As I said above, this section is so valuable. I cannot stress enough how important mindset is to training (one of my mantras is “mindset is everything”). This section is essential to well-rounded training. 

Jiu Jitsu X:

  • Masters section: Jiu Jitsu X offers a section geared especially for BJJ practitioners over 30 years old. This curated selection is great for older jiujitseros looking to expand their game.
  • Lapels section: The wide variety of lapel grips available to Gi practitioners is often ignored. This is an excellent area to up your game where most students are lacking.


If you’re looking for online instructional videos on Jiu Jitsu techniques, both Jiu Jitsu X and BJJ Fanatics are great choices.

Use Jiu Jitsu X if:

  • You’re looking for high-quality definition in your videos.
  • You’re a Masters practitioner.
  • You’re looking for Keenan Online videos. 
  • You’re seeking nutritional advice.

Visit Jiu Jitsu X to find the instructionals you need! 

Use BJJ Fanatics if:

  • You’re on a budget.
  • You’re a beginner looking for easy-to-follow instructionals.
  • You’re looking for easily searchable categories for each specific BJJ position.
  • You want videos on supplemental conditioning.
  • You’re a Judoka or Wrestler looking for instructionals. 
  • You love Bernardo Faria.

Visit BJJ Fanatics to find the video that’s right for you!