Rolling with the Opposite Sex

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Even on their honeymoon, they still find them to make a great video. Eve and Rener discuss the topic of rolling with the opposite sex. Whether you want to believe it or not, men and women are naturally different. They are different in their approach to daily life, habits, training, and thinking. This video makes great sense, and I am glad the couple openly discusses the following issues. It helps raise awareness on the Jiu-Jitsu mats and proper etiquette for training between the different sexes. After all, we want women to enjoy Jiu-Jitsu just as men do. The different training partners mentioned in the video are:



These are the guys who constantly seek women to train with them. Guys literally snipe girls out, so they can roll’’ with them. When it becomes a trend, there might be a problem.


Treating women like dummies.’’ Don’t be that guy. Women are human beings, even though they are physically weaker than men.


Training partners that constantly interrupt the roll’’ to coach women.


Partners that have bad hygiene and stinky gi.


Proper Level Resistance

Very good training partner that applies just enough skill and resistance which allows both people to work and benefit.


These guys will roll without an attitude, and it is very hard to provoke them to higher rolling intensities.


Partners that are helpful and do not overcoach during the roll. Maybe, after the sparring. Very good at giving pointers.

There are other great tips on how to ask for a roll’’ with another person without being intimidating. Women will also benefit from watching the video due to Eve speaking from experience on the women’s behalf. Females will get a chance to see multiple scenarios through the eyes of another woman. Learning is part of the process, whether it is good or bad, so embrace it.

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