Absolute Championship Berkut Jiu Jitsu (ACBJJ) has put together an exciting card that promises great matches. The most expected match is probably Gordon Ryan vs. Vinny Magalhães. ACBJJ is set for May 5th. It will be available to stream online.

Here is the card:

Marcus Almeida vs. Joao Rocha (for 95kg title)

Leandro Lo vs. Gabriel Arges (for 85kg title)

Mikey Musumeci vs. Joao Miyao/Samir Chantre (for 60kg title)

AJ Sousa vs. Romulo Barral (85kg)

Yuri Simoes vs Keenan Cornelius (95kg)

Ricardo Evangelista vs. Luiz Panza (95+kg)

Lucas Rocha vs. Edwin Najmi (75kg)

Igor Silva vs. Jackson Sousa (95kg)

Isaac Doederlein vs. Augusto Mendes (65kg)

Joao Pedro vs. Ary Farias (60kg)

Nicollas Welker vs. Bruno Frazatto (65kg)