ADCC West Coast Trials 2022 Results

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On April 3, 2022 Las Vegas Nevada hosted the ADCC West Coast trials, hitting a historical record with over 1000 athletes participating in the event. 

A thousand athletes fought their way to top, trying to win one of the seven spots to compete in the Olympics Of Grappling – the ADCC World Championship – in September this year. 

With every weight class having nearly 250+ competitors, the event was a blast and clearly demonstrates the growth of Jiu Jitsu in the USA. Celebrity competitors fought alongside several teenagers and blue belts, who showed that they could compete with the world’s best.

Men’s -66 kg Overview

Without a doubt the most fun to watch division of the event was the men’s -66 kg division, which was stacked with top tier talent. Two athletes stood out with their aggressive styles, with Keith Krikorian and Josh Cisneros hitting a total of 8 submissions between them on their way to the final where Krikorian secured a heel hook on Cisneros to win the division.

Men’s -66 Quarter Finals

Gianni Grippo defeats Deandre Corbe by points 

Keith Krikorian defeats Mauricio Gomez by inside heel hook

Damian Anderson defeats Andrew Tackett by penalty

Josh Cisneros defeats Gavin Cobre by armbar

Men’s -66 Semi Finals

Keith Krikorian defeats Damian Anderson by points

Josh Cisneros defeats Gianni Grippo by kneebar from the back

Men’s -66 3rd Place 

Damian Anderson takes bronze as Grippo was unable to compete due to injury

Men’s -66 Final

Keith Krikorian defeats Josh Cisneros by inside heel hook 

Men’s -77 kg Overview

The men’s -77 kg division was likewise stacked with a lot of high level competitors and several grappling vets, including Magid Hage, Pierre Leclerc, Kieran Kichuk, John Combs, AJ Agazarm, Kody Steele, and many more. 

In the end two of the most exciting up and coming athletes from the US stole the show: 10th Planet’s Andy Valera, who took out two of his teammates PJ Brach and Alan Sanchez, and William Tackett from Brazilian Factory.

Men’s -77 Quarter Finals

William Tackett defeats Jonathan Satava by reverse triangle

Chris Wojcik defeats Kieran Kichuk by penalty

PJ Brach defeats AJ Agazarm by RNC 

Andy Valera defeats Alan Sanchez by penalty

Men’s -77 Semi Finals

William Tackett defeats Chris Wojcik by points

Andy Valera defeats PJ Brach by decision

Men’s -77 3rd Place 

PJ Brach defeats Chris Wojcik by points

Men’s -77 Final

William Tackett defeats Andy Valera by points

Men’s -88 kg Overview

The 88 kg division was not as loaded with familiar names like the previous weight classes but still shined with a lot of fresh talent. 

On the one side of the bracket the young blue belt from B- Team Jacob Rodriguez, brother of ADCC 2019 Silver Medalist Nick Rodriguez, proved that he has the perfect style for the ADCC ruleset by mixing his fast takedowns with very good back takes to go all the way to the final.

On the other side of the bracket, freshly promoted Black Belt Hunter Colvin submitted all six of his opponents to reach the division final. 

In the final Colvin started on bottom by pulling guard and almost secured a sweep and a pass but was countered with a buggy choke from Jay Rod and was forced to tap.

Men’s -88 Quarter Finals

Mike Crisp defeats Harrison Woods by points 

Jacob Rodriguez defeats Adam Bradley by RNC

Hunter Colvin defeats Ryan Aitken by points

David Garmo def Jason Rau by Darce choke

Men’s -88 Semi Finals

Hunter Colvin defeats David Garmo by RNC

Jacob Rodriguez defeats Mike Crisp by RNC

Men’s -88 3rd Place 

Mike Crisp defeats David Garmo by ankle lock

Men’s -88 Final

Jacob Rodriguez defeats Hunter Colvin by buggy choke

Men’s -99 kg Overview

This division saw an unexpected contender take gold, with Paul Ardila defying most predictions as he submitted five of his six opponents on his way to the top.

Although a very good  wrestler, Paul proved his guard skills by submitting his opponents several times from his back or using his guard to wrestle up to secure points.

Men’s -99 Quarter Finals

Devonte Johnson defeats Steffan Banta by points

Mario Gonzalez defeats Cole  Brandt by points

Elder Cruz defeats Adrian Nez by points

Paul Ardila defeats Stephen Martinez by decision

Men’s -99 Semi Finals 

Mario Gonzalez defeats Devonte Johnson by by decision

Paul Ardila defeats Elder Cruz by inside heel hook

Men’s -99 3rd Place

Devonte Johnson took 3rd place as Elder Cruz forfeited

Men’s -99 Finals

Paul Ardila defeats Mario Gonzalez by inside heel hook

Men’s +99kg Overview

For the second time in the evening a blue belt reached the final of the West Coast Trials. New Wave’s Daniel Manasoui proved to everyone that he was not only the typical “strong guy” because of his very large body type. 

He showed good knowledge of technique and an understanding of the rule set mixed with excellent movement – he’s definitely an athlete to keep your eyes on in the future.

On the other side of the bracket 10th Planet veteran Kyle Boehem crushed his way to the final of the division, with his only challenge to claim the gold being Manasoui.

Men’s +99 Quarter Finals

Kyle Boehm defeats Lucas Albertcht by outside heel hook

Damon Ramos defeats Javier Gonzalez by penalty

Daniel Manasoui defeats Michael Pezzuto by inside heel hook

Raymond Grandy defeats Brandon Williamson by penalty

Men’s +99 Semi Finals

Daniel Manasoui defeats Damon Ramos by inside heel hook

Kyle Boehm defeats Raymond Grandy by outside heel hook

Men’s +99 3rd place 

Raymond Grandy took 3rd place as Damon Ramos forfeited

Men’s +99 Finals

Kyle Boehm defeats Daniel Manasoui by penalty

Women’s -60 kg 

The ADCC West Coast Trials showed the huge growth of the female divisions in the US. The numbers and the quality of the athletes was really impressive. 

Canada’s Brianna Ste. Marie had the most impressive performance as she ran through her division on the way to the gold.

Women’s -60 Quarter Finals

Brianna Ste. Marie defeats Raquel Canuto by armbar

Natalie Ribeiro defeats Jazibel Vega by inside heel hook

Jasmine Rocha defeats Alex Eriquez by decision

Amanda Bruse defeats Tammi Musumeci by points

Women’s -60 Semi Finals

Brianna Ste.Marie defeats Nathalie Ribeiro by decision

Jasmine Rocha defeats Amanda Bruse by decision

Women’s -60 3rd place

Nathalie Ribeiro defeats Amanda Bruse by points

Women’s -60 Finals

Brianna Ste.Marie defeats Jasmine Rocha by points

Women’s +60 kg 

In the Female +60 kg division Amy Campo from Zenith made an incredible Black Belt debut by taking down two of the division’s favorites. Campo defeated Maggie Grindatti with a beautiful americana from the mount and Elizabeth Clay by 13 points lead. 

In the final Campo took the gold with a devastating quick kneebar against Paige Ivette.

Women’s +66 Quarter Finals 

Amy Campo defeats Maggi Grindatti by americana

Elizabeth Clay defeats Helena Crevar by kneebar

Paige Ivette defeats Britney Olinda by armbar

Tara White defeats Britney Johnson by kimura

Women’s +66 Semifinal

Amy Campo defeats Elizabeth Clay by points

Paige Ivette defeats Tara White by kneebar

Women’s +66 3rd place 

Elizabeth Clay took 3rd place as White forfeited

Women’s +66 Finals

Amy Campos defeats Paige Ivette by kneebar