Today on August 24, 2019, there’s going to be an 8 man bracket tournament called IBJJF Heavyweight Grandprix 2019 with the eight best No-GI Grapplers in the world competing for $40k. The tournament will feature Vinicius Ferreira, Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa, Roberto Cyborg Abreu, Tim Spriggs, Victor Hugo, Patrick Gaudio, and Luiz Panza.

There were a few Drop Outs, most known in the very beginning Gordan Ryan dropping out because if his knee injury.

The Athletes

  • Matheus Diniz (Update Aug 20: replaced by Vinicius Ferreira)
  • Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa
  • Roberto Cyborg Abreu
  • Tim Spriggs
  • Yuri Simoes (Update Aug. 21: replaced by Victor Hugo)
  • Patrick Gaudio
  • Joao Gabriel Rocha
  • Luiz Panza

The images are courtesy of Evexia.