IBJJF Pan American Championship 2022 Results

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From April 6th to April 10th, Kissimmee, Florida, USA played host to the 2022 IBJJF Pan American Championship. Traditionally the second biggest tournament of the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu organization (after Worlds) this year the Pan Ams missed the attendance of some of the sport’s major stars.

Despite their absence, the Pans still provided good Jiu Jitsu with some of the rising athletes putting on a show.

As always the most awaited moment of the event was the Adult Black Belt division. This competition saw numerous close outs and forfeits as teammates came up against each other in the division – allowing much anticipated match-ups to play out in the later rounds of the competition.

Here are some of the most interesting moments from the Adult Black Belt Division:

First Black Belt Pan American Champion from Costa Rica

The medium-heavy division had a historical moment when Sebastian Rodriguez became the first ever Adult Black Belt IBJJF Pan American Champion to hail from Costa Rica. 

On his way to the gold, Rodriguez defeated two of the most talented upcoming athletes from Brazil in the division: Guthierry Barbosa and Alex Muniz. With those two victories, the Costa Ricen prodigy qualified for the semifinals, where he closed out with Jiu Jitsu Legend Leandro Lo and later in the Final closed out again with Manuel Ribamar. Both Lo and Ribamar were former teammates from Unity Jiu Jitsu in New York.

Tainan Dalpra defends the Title

In many people’s eyes, AOJ superstar Tainan Dalpra is the most dominant Gi player in the world right now. 

Competing in one of the most hotly contested divisions in the sport, Dalpra had four matches, winning two submission victories against Roberto Jimenez and Eduardo Averal and two victories by points in the finals against Ronaldo Jr. and Jeferson Guaresi. 

These wins allowed Dalpra to claim his second IBJJF Pan American Black Belt title and gave him his 29th victory in the Black Belt division – 21 of them by submission.

Erich Munis claims the Absolute title

One of the most talented and exciting prospects in the sport, Erich Munis from Dream Art, won his first Black Belt Absolute title in a Major tournament and also made the final in the super heavyweight division where he closed out with Marcus Ribeiro. 

With his six victories in the 2022 Pan Ams Munis now has an impressive 31 straight victories in his year and a half of competing at black belt.

Anna Rodrigues move up a weight class 

Chasing the female Pound 4 Pound crown, Dream Art’s Anna Rodrigues moved up from roosterweight to light feather weight. 

Usually known for her excellent guard playing, Rodrigues changed tactics in her two matches by playing an aggressive passing game that led to her submitting both of her opponents, Sophia Dalpra and Amanda Monteiro Canuto.

Adult Black Belt Results

Men’s Rooster weight 

Quarter Finals 

Estevan Martinez defeats Kevin Marticowski by armbar

Thalison Soares defeats Matheuse Rossi by foot lock 

Frank Cespendes defeats Italo Bofim by choke

Carlos Oliveira defeats Osamah Almarwai by points

Semi Finals

Carlos Oliveira defeats Frank Cespendes by points

Thalison Soares defeats Estevan Martinez by advantage


Carlos Oliveira defeats Thalison Soares by advantage

Men’s Light Feather weight

Quarter Finals 

Meyram Maquine defeats Kevin Carrasco by choke

Tomoyuki Hashimoto defeats Pedro Dias by advantage

Hiago Gorge defeats Huthayfah Penney by points

Lucas Pinheiro defeats Malachi Edmond by choke

Semi Finals

Meyram Maquine defeats Tomoyuki Hashimoto by advantage

Lucas Pinheiro defeats Hiago Gorge by footlock


Meyram Maquiné defeats Lucas Pinheiro by points

Men’s Featherweight division

Quarter Finals

Alex Sodre defeats Isaac Doederlein by points

Thiago Macedo defeats Nick Salles by points

Diego Sodre defeats Daniel Maira by choke

Richar Nogueira defeats Jamil Hill Taylor by decision

Semi Finals

Alex Soder defeats Thiago Macedo by points

Diego Soder defeats Richar Nogueira by decision


Alex Soder and Diego Soder close out the division

Men’s Lightweight division

Quarter Finals

Andy Murasaki defeats Sergio Soares by arm triangle

Igor Feliz defeats Hugo Marques by decision

Johnathan Alves defeats Daniel Deniz by toe hold

Natan Cueng defeats Rodrigo Freitas by advantage

Semi FInals

Andy Murasaki defeats Igor Feliz by points

Johnathan Alves defeats Natan Cueng by choke


Jonathan Alves defeats Andy mutasaki by points

Men’s Middleweight division

Quarter Finals

Mathias Luna defeats Leonardo Lara by points

Jeferson Guaresi advanced as team-mate Levi Jones- Leary forfeited by gentlemen’s agreement

Ronaldo Junior defeats Felipe Cesar by adv.

Tainan Dalpra defeats Eduardo Averal by choke

Semi Finals

Jeferson Guaresi defeats Mathias Luna by decision

Tainan Dalpra defeats Ronaldo Junior by points


Tainan Dalpra defeats Jeferson Guaresi by points

Men’s Medium Heavyweight division

Quarter Finals

Leandro Lo defeats Gansen Gomez by points

Sebastian Rodriguez defeats Alex Munis by decision

Manuel Ribamar defeats Rafael Paganini by armbar

Yan Lucas defeats Matheus Luna by advantage

Semi Final

Sebastian Rodriguez advanced as team-mate Leandro Lo forfeited by gentlemen’s agreement

Manuel Ribamar defeats Yan Lucas by points


Sebastian Rodriguez closes out with Manuel Ribamar 

Men’s Heavyweight Division

Quarter Finals

Pedro Machado defeats Rider Zuchi by points

Matheus Diniz defeats Adam Wardzinski by points

Dimitrius Souza defeats Pedro Elias by choke

Pedro Marinho defeats Andre Porfirio by points

Semi Finals

Matheus Diniz defeats Pedro Machado by advantage

Dimitrius Souza defeats Pedro Marinho by armbar


Dimitrius Souza closes out the division with teammate Matheus Diniz

Men’s Super heavyweight division

Quarter Finals

Erich Munis defeats Wilson Almeida by armbar

Felipe Andrew defeats Anderson Munis by footlock

Marcos “Scooby” Ribeiro defeats Devhonte Johnson by choke

Vinicius “Trator” Ferreira advanced to the semi-final unopposed as his opponent missed weight

Semi Finals

Erich Munis defeats Vinicius “Trator” Ferreira by armbar

Marcos “Scooby” Ribeiro advanced as his teammate Felipe Andrew forfeited by gentlemen’s agreement


Marcos “Scooby” Ribeiro won the division after Erich Munis forfeited by gentlemen’s agreement

Men’s Ultra Heavyweight division

Quarter Finals 

Roosevelt Sousa defeats Igro Schneider by points

Gutemberg Pereira defeats Orlando Baccino by armlock

Roberto Abreu defeats Wallace Costa by points

Davi Cabral advanced to the semi-final unopposed as his opponent missed weight

Semi Finals

Gutemberg Pereira defeats Roosevelt Sousa by choke

Roberto Abreu defeats Davi Cabral by advantage


Roberto Abreu defeats Gutemberg Pereira by points

Men’s Absolute division

Semi Finals 

Felipe Andrew defeats Wallace Costa  by decision

Erich Munis defeats Roosevelt Sousa by advantage


Erich Munis defeats Felipe Andrew by points

Women’s Rooster weight division


Mayssa Bastos defeats Lavinia Barbosa by points

Women’s Light Featherweight division


Jessa Khan defeats Thamires Aquino by points

Women’s Featherweight division


Anna Rodrigues defeats Amanda Monteiro Canuto by choke

Women’s Lightweight division


Nathalie Ribeiro defeats Ffion Davies by points

Women’s Middleweight division


Thamara Ferreira defeats Chloe McNally by penalty

Women’s Medium Heavy weight division


Maria Malyjasiak defeats Izadora Cristina by omoplata/choke

Women’s Heavyweight division


Melissa Cueto defeats Maggie Grindatti by choke

Women’s Super Heavyweight 


Gabrieli Pessanha defeats Yara Soares by points

Women’s Absolute division

Semi Finals

Gabrieli Pessanha defeats Melissa Cueto by decision

Yara Soares defeats Maria Malyjasiak by Choke


Gabrieli Pessanha defeats Yara Soares by advantage