Iron Brown Belt Europe is set to take the stage on February 10, in Stavanger, Norway. Ten European countries will battle in an elimination round. Only four athletes will continue after the elimination round. These four athletes will battle until one of them wins five matches to be crowned champion.

Copa Podio is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the sport of Jiu-jitsu. The setup of the tournament is Grand Prix style divided into three phases. Copa is an invitation-only tournament so the level of competition is always high.

Spectators will get a chance to watch some of the top talents compete in the Gi. Future prospects such as Tarik Hopstock will be at full force. Below is a list of all the competitors.

Preliminares Fights:
Sander Bringeland (NOR) vs Saul Sanchez (ESP)
Sindre Boge (NOR) vs Alberto Guzmán (ESP)
Vegard Randeberg (NOR) vs Guilherme Jardim (POR)

Iron Brown Belt Dispute:
Alan Ciku (Belgium)
Alberto Buriasco (Italy)
Bryn Jenkins (United Kingdom)
Emad Omran (Sweden)
Gniewko Wisniewski (Poland)
Marcus Phelan (Irleland)
Mohammad Abdulkadirov (Russia)
Sándor Lakatos (Hungary)
Tarik Hopstock (Norway)
Yusef Kaddur (Spain)