Sergio Robalo is a jiu-jitsu black belt instructor in Staffordshire, England. In 2013 Robalo shattered one of his student’s jaw because he felt the student was not committed to his program.

According to, Graham Jenkins, the victim, was changing in the locker room after a standard training session. Robalo confronted Jenkins and punched him in the jaw.

Robalo, 34 years old, is a native of Portugal. In 2016 he was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for a robbery. Now, he has added two more years to his jail sentence.

Prior to the incident, Robalo was being hostile towards Jenkins during a sparring session.

Judge Glenn Paul told Robalo: ‘’You are a highly skilled martial arts practitioner. As an instructor you have to control your temper and use those skills appropriately.

‘Because of Mr Jenkins’s lack of commitment you decided to spar with him. You went much too far. You knew he was much less able than you were and you deliberately inflicted pain upon him.

‘You would not release when he tapped out.

‘As he was getting changed you approached him again. He was already shocked by your earlier behaviour and you then struck him a considerable blow to his jaw.’’