UAEJJF is an example how to organize great events and this is one of them. The organization is stepping forward into creating professional Jiu Jitsu and investing a lot in the sport.

Total cash prize of AED 150,000 (~$40,838) for the winners of the Dubai International Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

The event will be hosted in Dubai on the 21th of December 2019 and it is part of International Pro Championship. Something interesting about it is that there will be no white belt divisions but they will have Juvenile division where we will be able to watch some fresh prospects of the professional Jiu Jitsu.

Other exciting news is that there will be a Live Stream for FREE. The event starts at 11 am (GMT+4) and it will have 9 mats that can be watched directly on Youtube.


Brackets and schedule are not published yet but the links of the mats are already announced. You can take a look here for the schedule when they post it. You can watch them directly from the following links:

Mat 1

Mat 2

Mat 3

Mat 4

Mat 5

Mat 6

Mat 7

Mat 8

Mat 9