Rafaeal Lovato Jr. wins heavyweight Nogi belt at Fight 2 Win event. Lovato was able to finish his opponent Tim Spriggs. The event was on February 23, in Denver, CO.

Lovato was not afraid to go to the ground. After going back and forth he finally decided to pull guard. Spriggs made some attempts to pass Lovato’s guard, but he was unsuccessful. Finally, Lovato got a single leg from the bottom and successfully completed the takedown.

Now, Lovato had the advantage on top. He began to pressure Spriggs so he can pass his guard. Spriggs was unable to withstand the pressure and showed Lovato his back.

Lovato smoothly transitioned to Sprigg’s back and sunk in his hooks. Then he secured the body lock. After an intense hand fight, Spriggs stood up and tried to shake off Lovato. At that point, the hand fighting continued. Lovato won the hand position battle and sunk in a rear-naked choke.