Mackenzie Dern vs Amanda Cooper at UFC 224

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Mckenzie Dern ( 6-0 ) already has a new opponent. Her name is Amanda Cooper ( 3-3 ). The two are scheduled to fight at UFC 224 in Rio, Brazil. After all, Dern’s wish to fight in Brazil will come to fruition.

Both ladies are coming off wins. Dern recently won her UFC 222 debut and Cooper’s last fight was at UFC 218 which went her way.

Stylistically they match up well. Dern will have her hands full with Cooper’s boxing. Cooper, however, has three losses on her MMA record and they are all via submissions.

Her Jiu-jitsu ground skills are good, but Dern’s are world class. When it comes to wrestling Cooper has good takedown skills. That, however, might not be a threat to Dern since Jiu-jitsu is her area of expertise.

Amanda Cooper is determined to stop Dern. She expressed her thoughts on social media.

‘’Fight Announcement!!! I can’t wait for this, in just eight weeks I’ll be in Rio fighting McKenzie Dern on UFC 224. I’ve been waiting for this fight longer then when I got the call for it, I’ve been waiting for this fight longer then when McKenzie got signed to UFC, I’ve been waiting for this for longer than when McKenzie get signed to Invicta, I’ve been waiting for this fight from the moment I heard her name. I’ve been training for this fight, I’ve been training for McKenzie and I’ve been training to beat her longer than you can imagine. I’m going to derail the hype train on May 12th’’.

Cooper’s ‘’warm’’ feelings are something expected. Although not Dern’s fault the media and UFC has put great expectations on the young fighter and hyped her to be the next Ronda Rousey.  

UFC 224 is scheduled for May 12 in Rio, Brazil.