Mo Jassim Gets The Nod To Put Together ADCC 2024 In Vegas

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The man behind the recent 2 ADCC events, Mo Jassim, has also been selected to pull all the strings for the ADCC 2024 event. Instead of the pre-Mo Jassim practice of marauding the ADCC Worlds event around the globe, the 2024 edition will stay in the USA for the third consecutive year and Las Vegas for the second. 

Why Mo Jassim? 

Mo Jassim with JT Torres
Mo Jassim with JT Torres
Credit: Facebook

Mo Jassim started off as a promotor for the ADCC in 2018, tasked with putting together the ADCC Worlds Event in L.A. the following year. He promised he would put together a show, and he did, drawing more attention to the ADCC in that year, than ever before in the history of the Abu Dhabi Combat Club. 

Jassim is an avid Jiu Jitsu practitioner himself, going on 18 years now. He was present for the early ADCC event in Abu Dhabi in 2001, which prompted him to start training in the US.

He was there for that legendary 2005 ADCC, the first held in the USA, where Roger Gracie submitted all his opponents on his way to the crown. Mo still refers to that event as the “greatest Jiu Jitsu tournament he’s ever seen” (as stated on the JRE MMA show #129).  

Mo seems to have been there throughout the ADCC’s evolution, and finally got the chance to spearhead the organization as the Olympics of Grappling hit adulthood. 

After the 2022 edition of the ADCC, we are excited to see what Mo Jassim has in mind for the 2024 edition! 

Historic Sucess With ADCC 2022 

ADCC 2022 sold more tickets in the first few hours of tickets going live than the entire 2019 event did (MO Jassim, JRE MMA show #129).

The event occurred at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, 17-18 September 2022. The event had an audience of 14 000 people, something unheard of before in the world of professional Jiu Jitsu. 

Mo also made a smart move in organizing an ADCC Open Tournament at the same venue before the Worlds took place. With $100 per competitor, plus the ticket sales, there is no doubt that the revenue for this ADCC surprised every event held before. 

It was all worth it, according to the few people I know who witnessed the event live. Everyone said the organization was spot on, and of course, the grappling was on another level. 

It was not only Gordon Ryan that made history, by becoming the only person to conquer his weight class and the Superfight in one ADCC event. 

The submission rate was also very high, with 41 submissions shared between male and female competitors (including Ryan’s Superfight choke). 

There was also an ADCC Hall Of Fame induction ceremony held for the first time, in which some of the very best in the world of grappling got recognized, and Mo himself, who got his black belt during the ceremony from JT Torres. 

Coming Up

The ADCC usually keep the cards close to their chest, so we still have to wait on information about the 2023 ADCC Trials, which will take place worldwide, as well as any other info about the 2024 ADCC Worlds. With some of the Jiu Jitsu Legacy team looking to participate in the trials, rest assured we will be eager to relay any ADCC news as soon as we get them!