Pan IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship this Weekend

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This weekend Pan IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship will take place in New York, one of the most prestigious events in No-Gi Grappling in the US.  As you may know, the event is going down in the Nat Holman Gymnasium at CCNY and you can watch the matches on FLOGRAPPLOING on Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th. Remember Gordon Ryan dominating the last year’s event, but unfortunately, he is not signed up and won’t contend in NY.

Keenan fights PAN IBJJF

Keenan Cornelius the former No-Go World champion will compete this weekend probably as a warm-up for the ADCC event 2 weeks later, where he will compete at 99kg in Anaheim. Registered in the super-heavy division he will face Devhonte Johnson (Unity) in the first round. Only five athletes in the super-heavyweight division will take part.

Miyao and Grippo joining PAN IBJJF

Paulo Miyao and Gianni Grippo joined the featherweight division in the PAN IBJJF Championship and are the two top tanked No-Gi Grapplers in the world. They faced each other 6 times, where Miyao has an edge of 4-2, but the last match he lost against Grippo. Definitely a division to watch!

Veterans at PAN IBJJF: Oliveira and Santana

Last time Vitor Oliveira won No-Gi Pans IBJJF was 2014 and he will fight this weekend after his appearance back then.  ADCC competitor Murilo Santana (Unity) from New York will make his appearance at the event and compete at the heavyweight division. He already won No-Gi Worlds two times and is known for his pressure style passing. He recently fought at Kasai and played a beautiful closed guard to get the win. On his way to the podium, he has to pass Thiago Sa, who won the Brazilian No-GI, No-GI Worlds and Pans in his career.

The images are courtesy of IBJJF