Patty Holohan was forced to go back to his Jiu-jitsu roots due to a very rare blood clotting condition. The condition is called Factor XIII deficiency and he was diagnosed with it as a kid.

Two years ago the rare condition forced Hollohan to retire suddenly after the UFC told him he would not be allowed to obtain a professional fighting license.

“When I was 8 years of age, I was diagnosed with it. It’s an extremely rare kind of thing,” Holohan said on Monday’s The MMA Hour. “It’s called Factor XIII deficiency,” he explained. “So, say you get cut and when the cut is healing, the clot doesn’t form properly.

A back injury was the blessing in disguise. It forced Hollohan to go and get treatment at a hospital in Dublin, Ireland. That is when doctors found out he had the rare condition.

Hollohan was not going to allow a condition to stop him from competing, so he went back to training Jiu-jitsu.

On Saturday March 10th, Hollohan returned to competition at the Cage Legacy 7 event. His opponent was SBG’s, Dave Roche. The former UFC flyweight submitted Roche in overtime.

The purpose of the match was for charity. Proceeds went to the Aobheann’s Pink Tie Charity. A charity foundation for kids that are fighting cancer.