Polaris 11 Results

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Yesterday on Saturday the 31th of August the submission only Event Polaris 11 took place in Manchester England. UFC Fight pass was streaming the live event all over the world with some great grappling fights in the well known Polaris Invitational. This event was the first one with a female main event, Ffion Davies the shooting star and blackbelt from EAST COAST JIUJITSU fought against the Brazilian World champion Talita Alencar, a rematch from EBI two years ago.

MAIN CARD Polaris 11 Results

The main card started off with Liam Cann of the Scramble Brand Academy in Leed, England as a replacement for Marc Diakese and fought against MMA veteran Cris Fishgold. With the kind of lose style he put on a real grappling show with his unorthodox grappling.

With high expectations, everyone was waiting for the co-main event matchup between Edwin Najmi vs Mansher Khera but actually the match was not exciting as everyone was hoping for. Edwin Najmi was able to take the back of Mansher Khera early of the match and applied a RNC but Khera survived and recovered to guard. From then the match was a bit of stalling by Edwin avoiding Khera´s guard and disengaged a bit too much. At the end of the match Najmi returned with some nice knee-tap takedowns which were enough for a decision win.

Ffion Davies and Talita Alencar fought on the main event for the 55 kilogram Polaris title and they put on a great show. High paced action with a lot of scrambles, pressure pass attempts. Ffions gameplan was to wear Alencar down which paid off because of Alencar started fading. Ffion was able to apply a lot of dangerous positions and in the end, she went home with a decision win to become the Polaris 11 champion.


Liam Cann def. Chris Fishgold by decision
Welterweight [77.1 kg NOGI]

Nicky Rod def. Ben Dyson by decision
Catchweight [103,00 kg NOGI]

Arya Esfandmaz vs Satoshi Ishii canceled bout
Catchweight [110,00 kg NOGI]

Steven Ray def. Paddy Pimblett by inside heel-hook
Welterweight (77.1 kg) NOGI

Tommy Langaker def. Marcos Tinoco by decision
Middleweight [83.9 kg) GI]

Edwin Najmi def. Mansher Khera by decision
Welterweight [77.1 kg NOGI]

Ffion Davies def. Talita Alencar by decision
Featherweight [55,00 kg NOGI]

PRELIMS Polaris 11 Results

Jed Hue def. Nastasa Silviu by injury
Open weight [NOGI]

Lloyd Cooper def. Matty Holmes by inside heel-hook
Catchweight [85,00 kg NOGI]

Marcus Phelan def. Tommi Pulkkanen by decision
Catchweight [74,00 kg GI]

Adam Adshead def. Enrique Villasenor by decision
Catchweight [64,00 kg GI]

Tarik Hopstock def. Sean McDonagh by Tarikoplata
Catchweight [80,00 kg NOGI]

Yas Wilson def. Kristin Mikkelson by decision
Catchweight [60,00 kg GI]

Fred Greenall def. Kieran Davern by submission
Middleweight [83.9 kg NOGI]