Two People Banned at ADCC 2022

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While ADCC 2022 was full of exciting matches, like Gordon Ryan vs. Andre Galvao, and Amy Campo vs. Gabi Garcia; none made headlines as fast as Ty Freeman vs. Jeferson Guaresi. The match erupted into a flurry of fists, referees and teammates running to break up the fight, allegations of a coach brandishing a knife, and finally two permanent expulsions from ADCC

What Happened

In the first few minutes of the match Jeferson Guaresi, representing Unity Jiu Jitsu started throwing aggressive collar ties. To which Ty Freeman, representing Checkmat, started throwing punches. Immediately, refs and teammates, started swarming the mat in an effort to break the two up. JiuJitsuRadio posted even video footage. 

What the video doesn’t capture, though, was the shocking allegation that the head coach of Unity BJJ Murillo Santana allegedly lifted a shirt and displayed a knife, in an effort to break up the fight. Although there hasn’t been confirmation that these allegations are true, we know for a fact that Mo Jassim the head organizer of the ADCC issued permanent bans for both Ty, and Murillo.

In case you’re wondering, there actually was a metal detector that guests had to pass through to access the ADCC event. How Murillo passed through undetected is unknown. 

We got a dm on Instagram that confirmed there was a knife. The person wanted to stay anonymous.

I have some information and can’t say who told me but I can say with full confirmation that the knife is not alleged. He had a ceramic knife which is how he got it past the metal detectors. Also security was lax so anyone could have walked in with pretty much anything. But yes 100% he had the knife and brandished it towards people


Who are Murilo Santana and Ty Freeman? 

Murilo Santana is the head coach of Unity Jiu Jitsu, and even is an accomplished competitor of his own. He is known for his pressure passing, which he sells instructionals on. However, he was unable to coach any more of his athletes and is now permanently banned from any future ADCC events.   

Ty Freeman, from Checkmat, was also permanently banned, undoubtedly for throwing the first punches against Jeferson Guaresi (who was allowed to continue.) Ty Freeman (@iron_tyfreeman) is also an MMA fighter and was competing against Jeferson Guaresi in the open weight class


The reaction from the Jiu Jitsu world was swift, condemning the fight. There was also praise for permanently banning the two from the competition. Jeferson Guaresi although he didn’t win the open weight division did win in the 83 kg division before the open weight fight. The ADCC event went on to be one of the most successful and most watched, despite the incident.

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  1. no excuse but Murillo’s friend Leandro Lo was murdered just a few weeks before, heaven knows what went through his head..

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