WNO Jones vs Marinho: Preview and Predictions

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Note: This event has already taken place. Click here to see the results!

On Friday, January 21 Who’s Number One returns for their first event of the new year with a very stacked card which includes three title matches along with some big names!

The main event is a light-heavyweight WNO title match between Craig Jones and Pedro Marinho. Other exciting matches on the card are the co-main events between Tye Ruotolo and Levi Jones-Leary for the WNO Welterweight title, Estevan Martinez vs Mike Musameci for the WNO Bantamweight title and Nick Rodriguez vs Elder Cruz.

Keep reading to get a preview of these upcoming matches and get our predictions for the event!

Craig Jones vs Pedro Marinho (WNO Light-Heavyweight Title Match)

WNO Jones vs Marinho: Preview and Predictions 1 WNO Jones vs Marinho: Preview and Predictions WNO

The main event between Jones and Marinho is a rematch from their bout at Kasai in 2019 that finished with a draw. Since then Jones is 4-0 in the organization, submitting three of his opponents in the first five minutes, and Marinho is the current IBJJF No-Gi Worlds black belt double gold champion. 

With both competitors having a very aggressive style, fans can expect fireworks in the last match of the evening.

Prediction: Victory for Jones by Submission (Heel Hook)

Tye Ruotolo vs Levi Jones-Leary (WNO Welterweight Title Match)

Tye Ruotolo vs Levi Jones-Leary

Maybe the most talked about match of the event is Tye Routolo against Levi Jones-Leary. The consensus among experts is that Tye has the advantage because of his experience competing in No-Gi. 

Fans can expect the traditional “Guard Passer versus Guard Player” match. The big questions are: will Leary’s guard retention hold up against Ruotolo’s non-stop pressure passing and will Leary be able to figure out a way to take Routolo’s back with his unorthodox No-Gi guard attacks? If Leary can’t answer these questions then he’s got an uphill battle ahead of him!

Prediction: Victory for Ruotolo by Submission (Darce Choke)

Mikey Musumeci vs Estevan Martinez (WNO Bantamweight Title Match)

Mikey Musumeci vs Estevan Martinez

Originally scheduled to compete against Jon Calastine, Estevan Martinez earned a shot against Mikey Musumeci who decided to put his WNO Bantamweight title on the line as a late replacement for Calastine. This will be Musumeci’s first defense of his WNO title. 

As the favorite of the match and the current champion of the organization, Musumeci holds 5 wins under the WNO ruleset  and recently became the 2021 IBJJF Rooster Weight Black belt world champion, but the Giant Slayer has a style that could frustrate the champion, and Martinez is a training partner to the only man that beat Mikey in WNO and one of the few people to ever submit him (Gabriel Sousa).

Prediction: Victory for Musumeci by Submission (Heel Hook)

Nick Rodriguez vs Elder Cruz (WNO Heavyweight match)

Nick Rodriguez vs Elder Cruz

For this clash of titans and the only Heavyweight match in the Main Card, WNO decided to pit two of the top wrestlers in Jiu Jitsu against one another: ADCC 2019 silver medalist Nick Rodriguez and ADCC North America trials silver medalist Elder Cruz. 

Experts predict that the person that wins the battle for the top game will have the advantage, putting Rodriguez as a favorite because he is the heavier athlete. The size difference could weaken Elder where he is often strongest.

Prediction: Victory for Rodriguez by Decision           

Jacob Couch vs David Garmo (WNO Light-Heavyweight match)

Jacob Couch vs David Garmo

For the first Light-Heavyweight bout of the main event, Jacob Couch was scheduled to face Haisam Rida. Unfortunately, Rida had to pull out because of an injury and was replaced by his long-time teammate David Garmo. 

Couch is favored to win this match and has shined in the WNO scene with 4 previous victories, submitting big names like Roberto Jimenez, Jon Blank and Hunter Colvin. Garmo is 0-1 in the organization, losing to Couch’s teammate Andrew Wiltse. 

David Garmo is known for performing better against heavier opponents, which will be the case here. Expected by many to be constantly attacked with leg locks by Couch, Garmo is no stranger to the leg lock game and is well known for his strong knee bar attacks and Couch will have to watch out for counter-attacks if he gets overly aggressive.

Prediction: Victory for Couch by Submission (Heel Hook)

Where to Watch WNO

To watch these matches you’ll need to check them out over at Flosports.tv. The matches will air on Flo Grappling this Friday, January the 21st at 7:00pm CST.

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