Our Top 7 Picks for the Best BJJ Spats on the Market

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BJJ spats are a must-have piece of gear whether you’re practicing Gi or No-Gi Jiu Jitsu. There are a lot of products on the market, but we’ve done our research to show you some of the best ones.

Here are our top seven picks for the best BJJ spats on the market. Check them out below, with links provided and a complete guide for picking your jiu jitsu spats.

The Best BJJ Spats on the Market Reviewed

#1 Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Spats

  • Ultimate Base Layer For Jiu Jitsu
  • 4-Way Stretch Material
  • 100% Skin Protection
  • 7 Size Options 
  • The Gold BJJ Guarantee

Gold BJJ make incredible jiu jitsu equipment from their Gis, bags, and a great pair of spats. Their Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Spats are one of the highest grade pairs of spats that we’ve come across.

They have a sleek design complete with 4-way stretch material along with 100% skin protection. You won’t have to worry about scraps, cuts, or staph when you’re training these spats.

They’re the ultimate base layer for grappling, with seven size options and backed by the Gold BJJ guarantee. If these spats don’t meet your expectations, Gold BJJ will fully refund your purchase.

#2 Hawk Sports Compression Running Leggings

Hawk Sports Mens Compression Pants Base Layer Running Workout Muay Thai Jiu Jitsu MMA BJJ Spats Leggings Tights for Men (Black, 30” Waist)
  • &#9989ALL-PURPOSE: In case you are striking or grappling, hiking or climbing, yoga, MMA or BJJ,…
  • &#9989ALL-PURPOSE: In case you are striking or grappling, hiking or climbing, yoga, MMA or BJJ,…
  • &#9989ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: UPF 50+ rating ultraviolet protection bjj spats for men , with all the…
  • &#9989BREATHABLE: Ultimate Fast-Dry compression tights for men performance workout tights for men /…
  • &#9989OVERLOCK-STITCHED: Reinforced seams mens base layer men with LYCRA stretch panels for 360°…
  • Hook & Loop Closure
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection
  • Lightweight
  • Good For Multiple Activities
  • 6 Size Options

Hawk Sports comes in next with their Hawk Sports Compression Running Leggings. These are lightweight spats that are durable and come with a unique hoop and loop closure.

Not only are these spats good for grappling, but they’re great for multiple physical activities. Especially running thanks to the UPF 50+ protection that these leggings offer.

You can currently get these compression leggings in six different size options and for a great price.

#3 Sanabul Essential Tights

Sanabul Essential Mens Compression Pants Workout Jiu Jitsu Leggings | Athletic Tights for Men | Running Tights, Sports Gym Leggings | Men’s Sports Compression Pants & Tights | X-Small, Black
  • Advanced Compression Support: Elevate your workout with our premium Sanabul Essential Compression…
  • Versatile Athlete’s Choice: These compression tights for men are perfect for a wide range of…
  • Moisture-Wicking Technology: Stay dry and comfortable throughout your workouts with the superior…
  • Sleek and Functional Design: Not only do these compression pants for men offer top-notch…
  • Durable and Convenient: These men’s compression leggings are built to last, so you can rely on them…
  • Polyester/Nylon/Spandex Blend
  • Full Mobility
  • Reinforced Thread & Stitching
  • 3 Color Options 
  • 6 Size Options

Sananbul makes anything and everything for combat sports at a reasonable price. If you want something that works, then you should check out their Sanabul Essential Tights.

They made their line of compression spats with a durable polyester, nylon, and spandex blend. Putting together three of the best fabrics that you can make spats out of.

Complete with reinforced stitching and thread that give you full mobility on the mat. You can currently get these compression pants in 3 colors and six size options.

#4 Under Armour HeatGear Leggings

Under Armour Men’s Armour HeatGear Leggings , Black (001)/Pitch Gray , X-Small
  • Super-light HeatGear fabric delivers superior coverage without weighing you down
  • Strategic mesh panels for added ventilation where you need it
  • Material wicks sweat & dries really fast
  • Ergonomic design keeps seams off high abrasion areas & increases durability
  • Wide, exposed elastic waistband with wordmark detail
  • The Innovators
  • 86% Polyester, 14% Elastane
  • Super Light
  • 12 Color Options
  • 15 Size Options

Under Armour are the OGs of compressive athletic wear. Without them, none of the newer companies making BJJ spats would exist. 

Their always dependable Under Armour HeatGear Leggings were one of the first and best athletic leggings. Made with a durable polyester and elastane blend, which makes them durable, yet super light.

Being Under Armour, they’ve given us a lot of design and size options. Currently offering their leggings in 12 colors and 15 sizes.

#5 Elite Sports Workout Standard Compression Pants

  • Polyester/Spandex Blend
  • Anti Slip Fit
  • 4 Way Stretch Fabric
  • Versatile
  •  5 Size Options

Elite Sports are another company that makes durable and affordable gear for everything within combat sports. This includes their Elite Sports Workout Standard Compression Pants.

Made with a polyester and spandex blend, complete and four-way stretch fabric to give you complete mobility. These versatile compression pants are made with an anti slip fit, where they won’t move around when you’re training.

Right now, these solid black spats from Elite Sports are available in 5 size options.

#6 Fuji Baseline Jiu Jitsu Spats

FUJI unisex adult Jiu Jitsu Compression Pants, Black, X-Small
  • Grappling Pants for Men: these grappling style spats are ultra-lightweight and made from a 4-stretch…
  • Jiu-Jitsu Compression Pants: FUJI’s BJJ spats are made from a blend of polyester and spandex to…
  • BJJ Gi Belt: The premium weave material of the belt is easy-to-tie and is made to stay secured just…
  • Black Grappling Pants: FUJI spats are one of the most comfortable spats out there, designed to let…
  • Compression Spat Pants: These pants do not become see-through even when stretched, so you can…
  • 88% Polyester 12% Spandex
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • 4-Way Performance Fabric
  • Made For Grappling
  • 6 Size Options

Fuji is one of the original combat sports gear companies in the world that are known for their quality. Everything they make is high quality, and that includes their Fuji Baseline Jiu Jitsu Spats.

Specifically made for grappling and built to last. They’re ultra lightweight spats made of an 88% polyester/12% spandex blend, complete with 4-way stretch fabric.

You can currently get these spats from Fuji in six different size options.

#7 LAFROI Compression Leggings

LAFROI Men’s Quick Dry Cool Compression Fit Tights Leggings Waistband-YSK08 Black Size SM
  • 【UPF 50+】UV protection fabric helps you fight against sunburn; to create barrier above the skin
  • 【Multi-Use】Suitable for most outdoor/indoor activities, good to use for water sports, you shall…
  • 【Lightweight & quick dry】The fabric absorbs moisture well while maintaining its breathability,…
  • 【Muscle Control】“Burst” series spandex empowers the compression to hold your muscle and…
  • 【Size Tip】We prepared the sizing chart at the image list for you to locate the size that fits…
  • Coolest Designs
  • 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex
  • Lightweight & Quick Dry
  • 15 Design Options
  • 6 Size Options

LAFROI probably makes some of the coolest spats on the market that are also quite durable. Their LAFROI Compression Leggings that are a high grade polyester and spandex blend.

Lightweight fabric with moisture wicking quick dry properties that will keep dry while training. LAFROI has numerous designs on this link, they currently have 15 design options and six size options to choose from.

Buyer Guide

BJJ Spats

When looking for a pair of BJJ spats, here are some things to consider:


The best material for BJJ spats is typically a blend of polyester and spandex. This combination offers the necessary stretch and flexibility for movement during training. Look for spats with this type of material or a mixture of nylon or elastane.


BJJ spats need to have a tight fit that contours to your lower body. Allowing you 100% mobility, while being comfortable to wear.

If your spats are loose fitting, that means that you’re wearing a larger size than you need. But also keep in mind that a size too small will be uncomfortable and cut off your circulation. Choose your pair wisely and be sure to pick one that fits correctly.


Companies that make spats create their products in a variety of different designs. Some come in plain colors, while some are made with crazy designs.

The type you choose is totally up to you, whether you want something simple or make a fashion statement.


Pick a pair of spats the compresses optimally to your skin. Loose fitting material has a tendency to tear easier and roll up your legs, which is uncomfortable.

Moisture-Wicking Properties

Moisture-wicking fabrics are typically made from synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, or spandex, which have hydrophobic (water-repelling) properties. 

Allowing them to pull moisture away from the skin and onto the surface of the fabric. When you’re training, this fabric allows you to train, while keeping you dry and not weighed down with sweat.


Durability is a must when looking for the right BJJ spats. Look for a pair that has either flatlock seams, reinforced stitching, or both

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is extremely important when buying BJJ spats. Never buy a cheap, no-name brand from a store. Companies with brand recognition put the time and effort into making the best product possible. 

BJJ Spats vs Compression Pants

BJJ spats and compression pants are both types of tight-fitting athletic apparel, but there are some differences between the two.

BJJ spats are specifically designed for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, and are typically made from a combination of polyester and spandex. 

They are worn as a base layer under BJJ shorts or a Gi. Designed to provide a full range of motion while also protecting the legs from mat burn and other injuries

BJJ spats often feature reinforced flatlock seams. Designed to prevent chafing, and may also have specific design elements. Some designers may include everything from knee pads or graphic prints. Tailored for grapplers that want a specific design.

Compression pants, on the other hand, are a more general type of athletic apparel. Generally used in a variety of sports and activities. 

They are also typically made from a combination of polyester and spandex, but may also include other materials. Anything from nylon to elastane. 

Compression pants are designed to provide support, reduce muscle fatigue, and increase blood flow to the legs. Helping to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. 

They may be worn as a standalone garment or as a base layer under other clothing.(Just like BJJ spats)

While the two may seem identical, BJJ spats are typically more specialized and tailored specifically to the needs of BJJ practitioners. Compression pants have a broader range of applications and are often used in a variety of sports and activities.


BJJ Spats

What are BJJ spats?

BJJ spats are specialized athletic tights worn by practitioners of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) during training and competition. They are designed to provide comfort, support, and protection for the legs and lower body, while also allowing for a full range of motion.

Why Do People Wear BJJ Spats?

Grapplers wear BJJ spats for a number of reasons. Mainly for the fact that they are more durable than underwear and won’t rip or hold an awful smell from training.

They are lightweight and breathable, which helps to regulate body temperature and keep the wearer comfortable during intense training sessions.

In addition to their functional benefits, BJJ spats are also popular for their aesthetic appeal. They come in a wide range of colors and designs, and are often decorated with logos or other graphics that represent the wearer’s team or affiliation.

Are BJJ Spats Necessary for Training?

Yes! BJJ spats are a must for BJJ or any other type of grappling. Along with being sturdier than normal underwear, while providing numerous other health benefits.

Your skin will be protected from everything from cuts and possible infections, while regulating your body temperature. If you train in grappling, you must own a few pairs of jiu jitsu spats.

How Do I Choose the Right Size BJJ Spats?

Choosing the right size of BJJ spats is the same as choosing a normal pair of pants, shorts, or underwear. Creators jiu jitsu spats have sizes listed on their products like all other types of pants.

Keep in mind that not all size charts are the same between each manufacturer. A size small may be a size medium in another brand of spats, so be mindful when you’re shopping for gear.

How Do I Care For My BJJ Spats?

Proper care and maintenance of your BJJ spats will help to ensure that they last longer and continue to perform at their best. Here are some tips on how to care for your BJJ spats:

  1. Wash them after every use: Machine wash them in cold water and use a mild detergent. Avoid using fabric softeners, bleach, or other harsh chemicals that can damage the fabric.
  2. Hang dry: BJJ spats should be air-dried after washing, rather than placed in the dryer. High heat can damage the spandex and elastic fibers in the fabric, causing them to lose their stretch and elasticity.
  3. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight: BJJ spats should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Sunlight can cause the colors to fade and can also damage the fabric.
  4. Avoid contact with rough surfaces: BJJ spats can be easily damaged by rough surfaces such as Velcro or other abrasive materials. Avoid coming into contact with these surfaces as much as possible to prevent tears and snags in the fabric.

Can BJJ Spats Be Worn Under Shorts?

Yes! Spats can be worn under BJJ shorts rather than compression shorts if you so choose. Your legs will be protected from scraps and cuts, while practicing No-Gi.

Are BJJ Spats Suitable for Men and Women?

Yes! Most spat designers make their products for both men and women. For women, especially, who favor spats over normal compression shorts to keep their legs covered and protected.

How Tight Are Spats Supposed to Be?

The general rule for jiu jitsu spats is that they should have a snug fit, but not cutting off circulation. If you have red marks on your skin and feel a tingling sensation after wearing a pair, they’re too tight. Either go a size up or buy from another designer.


BJJ spats are an essential piece of equipment for anyone who practices BJJ. Providing both comfort and protection during training and competition.

Check out our top 7 picks for the best BJJ spats above and be fully protected on the mat.