Even a cheap BJJ gi can boost your training sessions to the next level but you must choose properly. If you feel uncomfortable during rolling and fighting off the back, it might significantly decrease your performance and progress. 

Good training sessions and taking part in competitions leads to progress. But even when you pick the greatest model that suits your needs, it costs too much. And you’re in a problem.

We wrote this little guide to help you choose the best cheap BJJ gi that improves your performance and helps you pick the greatest model even when funds are limited. 

Best Cheap BJJ Gi

When you think of the cheap BJJ gi, the first thing that comes to your mind is–the price. But actually, it requires a complex analysis, because the low price might lead to various shortcomings.

Gambler risks all the time, and the purchase of cheap BJJ gi is a gamble. When a gi costs less than 100 dollars, it’s hard to cover each parameter of superb quality. 

Read on to discover tiny things that make a difference between an average and a superb pick.


Any fighter who seriously plans to become a grappling phenom knows gi is a very serious investment. But every beginning is hard. No sponsors, limited resources, lack of money… 

But don’t despair. Even if you aim for a cheap BJJ gi, try to stay positive and look on the bright side. If your wallet is empty, you’ll hardly purchase one kimono for training sessions and the other one for the competition, so it’s time to think like a pro. 

It is always better if you can afford the premium gi, but even cheaper models can lead to lovely positive training sessions and outstanding progress. You can find a well-made cheap BJJ gi but you must read the parameters below carefully and check whether it fits your budget. More pluses, better gi, easy as that!

Weave Type And Material

Cheaper models are usually made of cotton, which is a fair option. Other materials mostly demand more money. 

The single weave is easy to wear even during the summer months, but it means weaker durability. On the other hand, the double weave is difficult to grab, but you’ll sweat a lot and lose speed. 

If you want a competitive gi, double weave sounds fair, but a single weave sounds like a better choice for training sessions. 


Actually, comfort is one of the most important parameters. Itching and scratching during training sessions significantly affect your performance. You must feel ok during submission switches and transitions. Cheap BJJ gi mustn’t be too tight. 


It is always better to pick a lightweight model if you want to roll and make quick transitions, while thicker gi enhances durability. But you’ll hardly find reinforced stitching. 

So think of your fighting style. Are you a transition expert or a warrior who fights off his back? Do you prefer counterattacks or offensive style? Answer these two questions and you’ll determine the perfect weight of your gi. 


As we’ve already previously described, there is a big difference between women’s BJJ gi (internal link) and men’s kimono. Women’s hips are wider, which means the design should be different. 

But sometimes a little money means there is no possibility to choose between specially designed gi for men and women. Look whether the lady is taller or shorter, thinner or thicker. 

Even a male model can be suitable for some women if you get to know the dimensions of your body well. And please check a size chart ten times. By default, men’s gis is known for wider tops. 

If possible, try to pick the pre-shrunk model, because shrinking after the first wash might make a mess. 

Color And Design (Individual Needs)

Preferences vary from person to person, and someone might dislike red or purple, even a different design. 

Unfortunately, maybe you must tolerate a color you don’t like because cheap BJJ gi rarely allows you to choose between 4+ colors. 

Also, you can’t stick to a brand/manufacturer here, because a good company definitively demands more money for its product. Even if the gi is not the greatest, the famous name “makes the difference” and affects the price. 

» Sanabul Essentials V.2 Ultra Light Preshrunk BJJ Jiu-Jitsu Gi

Sanabul Essentials V.2 Ultra Light Preshrunk BJJ Jiu-Jitsu Gi offers a wonderful size choice. It will save you money and fit even to the most demanding buyer.


  • Preshrunk model. 
  • Tested by famous BJJ coach John Danaher. 
  • Variety of colors. 
  • The lightweight model reduces the level of sweat. 
  • Treated with anti-microbial and anti-odor agents.
  • Reinforced single weave model, which makes it suitable for all types of fighters. 
  • Ability to get a free belt (any color). 


  • Shoulders might be tighter, so better take one size up. 
  • Potential problems with “the wraparound” closure. 

Takeaway: Sanabul Essential offers a different style, so if you’re a classic style fan, a lover of older BJJ fashion, you can test this model out. 

» Athllete Jiu Jitsu Gi

Athllete Jiu-Jitsu Gi is a very cheap BJJ gi, a pre-shrunk model for men and kids that offers four colors. Good for fighters who like quick sweeps and transitions. 


  • World-class size choice. 
  • Free white belt included, good for beginners. 
  • Lightweight model, amazing for quick transitions and submission switches. 
  • You can train with style in a hot climax. 
  • Stiffened collar and reinforced stitching increase durability.
  • Different design.


  • Be very warned about the size chart.
  • You might feel you wear a Karate gi instead of a BJJ gi, but you’ll get used to it as time goes by. 

Takeaway: If you’re looking for a super-cheap model to boost your training sessions to the next level, relax. You found it! 

» Sanabul Kids Highlights Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BJJ Gi

Sanabul Kids Highlights Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BJJ Gi helps toddlers and children feel the charm of rolls, sweeps, and transitions. Awesome birthday present for your kid. Especially if it wants to become an elite grappler.


  • Super-light weave and cotton pants specially designed for children. 
  • Reinforced jacket for superb durability.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-odor agents, this cheap BJJ gi protects your child.
  • Free white belt. 
  • Three colors. 


  • You must analyze the size chart very carefully. 

Takeaway: It sounds like one of the greatest choices for your child, and it saves money too!

» Elite Sports IBJJF Ultra Light Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BJJ Gi

Elite Sports IBJJF Ultra Light Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BJJ Gi means stylish design and IBJJF approved model. So even an advanced practitioner might love Elite’s cheap BJJ gi. 


  • You’ll get a free white belt and stripe bar.
  • Ability to compete anytime, anywhere. 
  • Pre-shrunk model, no need to worry after the first wash. 
  • It disperses sweat faster, so the risk of bad smell is significantly reduced. 
  • Very comfortable. 
  • You can train in any surround. 
  • Sturdy lapel. 


  • Questionable durability. 
  • Uncomfortable collar. 

Takeaway: This is the old love of complicated buyers who like cheap models that offer a variety of sizes and colors. 

» Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi BJJ Gi for Men & Women Grappling Gi Uniform Kimonos Ultra Light

It’s an ultra-lightweight preshrunk BJJ gi that saves your budget and offers a high-quality look and features.  


  • Enhanced durability. 
  • Ability to add patches and logos. 
  • You get a free white belt. 
  • Five sizes and colors. 
  • Very light and breathable model. 
  • The good fabric quality and customer support service. 


  • Be warned and take one size up. 
  • Collars are stiffer than normal, so better prepare for less comfort.  

Takeaway: Cheap BJJ gi, price/quality king. 

» Tatami Fightwear Men’s Nova-MK4 BJJ Gi

Tatami Fightwear Men’s Nova-mk4 BJJ Gi is the training choice of the former ADCC grappling champion and UFC 170-pound number 15, Gilbert “Durinho” Burns (see the photo). It is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. 


  • A lot of sizes and colors. 
  • Heavily reinforced model for superb durability. 
  • Upgraded pants, it won’t tear apart no matter how hard the opponent pulls you. 
  • Bit longer cut on the top and sleeves for better protection during sweeps and transitions. 


  • You’ll need some time to study the size chart carefully. 
  • It shrinks. 

Takeaway: Tatami Fightwear offers a wonderful opportunity for fighters between the two sizes. They’ll easier discover a perfect fit.

Tatami Fightwear is a superb option for fighters who like to train all kinds of positions and make their skills perfect. 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi BJJ Gi for Men & Women Grappling Gi Uniform Kimonos Ultra Light gives you excellent performance for very little money.

Our favorite, Elite Sports IBJJF allows you to compete for a fair price, while Sanabul Kids Highlights might successfully bring your child into the world of grappling. 

Submission switch and counter experts should have a great time with Athllete Jiu-Jitsu Gi, while Sanabul Essentials V.2 sounds like an awesome cheap BJJ gi for all-around fighters.