Best Kids BJJ Gi

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Finding the best kids BJJ gi might be a harder task than Tom Cruise’s actions in “Mission Impossible”. 

Many companies neglect the importance of the younger crowd, focusing their manufacture on the general population. So please read carefully if you want to take care of top-notch options for your children. We’ve got you covered!

Best Kids BJJ Gi

Patience is the key to discovering the best kids BJJ gi. Sometimes you’ll spend hours on the internet looking for the perfect size or color for your child. 

Yet, there are other super-important things to take care of before buying your child the perfect present to begin his BJJ run. If you are looking to treat yourself with some BJJ Gear, take a look at our 5 Best Grappling Shorts. Consider these parameters when buying.


I’d call this parameter “a nightmare” because normal clothes and gi are two different dimensions. Gi usually shrinks on the first wash. How much? Sorry, but it is impossible to calculate. Unfortunately, shrinking purely depends on the model!

A company size chart is a good idea. Check it! Yet, don’t forget–always take a bigger number because your child is growing. Especially if it enjoys BJJ sessions, you’ll spare a lot of money because there will be no need to change the model!


Unfortunately, most times, you’ll get better quality for more money. So sparing few bucks is not a wise idea, especially if the gi tears apart after few training sessions.

The best kids BJJ gi has to be a top-rated piece of equipment, a comfortable product that turns your child’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes into enjoyment. If your child starts hating BJJ only because the gi was too hard or tight, it will cry and it might be the end of its BJJ voyage! 

But even the most expensive product doesn’t have to be the best kids BJJ gi. Please, talk to your child, do some research to discover the quality. Purchase a comfortable product!


Kids didn’t get used to difficult materials. Most of them are beginners, so I believe you should root for a lightweight gi, it sounds like the greatest options for children. 

The best kids BJJ gi should be lightweight because of many reasons:

  • Summer–if you take a heavier gi, your child will sweat more, which means you’ll have a hard time washing it. Also, a kid might be slower at its training sessions. It might affect the learning process and lead to unnecessary stress too. 
  • Drying–On a sunny day, the gi could be dry in less than an hour. A thicker model demands more time. Your child must train in the evening. Mission failed!
  • Fighting off the back–imagine, for example, a triangle choke. A 35 lbs child should wrap his legs around the opponent’s neck while gi makes a lot of pressure on its groins and thighs. Difficult situation, don’t you think so? 

The only benefits of thicker gi are durability and thicker lapels, which might be good for intermediates. So even a thicker gi is not the end of the world. But if and only if your child is not a beginner! 

Fit (Very Critical Parameter)

How does your child feel wearing the best kids BJJ gi? If the answer is not “great or comfortable”, then you made a mistake ladies and gentlemen!

  • Criteria 1: you mustn’t purchase a product that limits movement and spoils techniques, because even the beginners work on rubber guard and body triangle. Good BJJ training sessions and hip flexibility are directly proportional.
  • Criteria 2: How much excess material hangs off the best kids BJJ gi? It might give your child a hard time during sweeps, transitions, and submissions, but don’t just throw a gi away if all other parameters are awesome. Visit a tailor instead!

Brand (Important But Not Critical) 

You can easily locate good brands online by a high number of reviews, answered questions, and positive grades. Customers mostly leave honest reviews. 

Yes, this means you’ll spend more money, but get better quality. On the other hand, maybe your child demands a different product, so think twice. 

What if, for example, your child dislikes the design of the best brand in the world? It might resist. You will not wear the gi, your kid will, it’s the human being! 

Individual Needs

This parameter depends purely on your child. Maybe it hates a specific color. Despite a gi with the thicker lapel is generally not a good choice, there is a chance your kid will love it! 

» Sanabul Kids Highlights Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ Gi

It’s a cheap choice from one of the top brands for kids, which made additional adjustments to make this model even better for children who intend to start their BJJ voyage.


  • Ultralight model, no heavy feel on legs.
  • Reinforced stitching, enhanced durability. 
  • Very comfortable model.
  • Minimal shrinkage after the first wash. 
  • Limited white belt offer. 
  • Three colors. 
  • Anti-microbial and anti-odor features. 


  • Be careful with the size chart. 

Takeaway: This model is price/ratio king, you’ll get a great, probably the best kids bjj gi for a relatively low price. 

» Venum Contender Kids BJJ Gi

Venum Contender is an affordable 100% cotton made durable model. The gi comes with a white belt and offers five different colors.


  • Five sizes. 
  • Superb comfort. 
  • Armpit-reinforced jacket and reinforced kimono collar mean you can work from the top position with style. 
  • Torso stays inside the belt while rolling. 


  • It shrinks after the first wash, so better take one size up. 

Takeaway: Amazing entry-level BJJ gi for kids for a comfortable start of your child’s BJJ career.

» Elite Sports IBJJF Ultra Light BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi for Kids w/Preshrunk Fabric & Free Belt

Definitively an offer you can’t refuse. Even for the most complicated kids, the amazing variety of colors makes this lovely product suitable for both genders. Anti-odor treatment on the gi disperses sweat faster, and the gi stays fresh for a long time. 


  • Top-notch price. 
  • IBJJ certified model, which means you can wear it in the competitions. 
  • Reduced infection risk. 
  • Modern design.
  • Good durability. 
  • Free white belt. 
  • The model will not shrink after the first wash, which is a fabulous feature.  
  • Six sizes. 


  • Sizing is a bit weird. To avoid such mistakes, better ask questions before the purchase, including your child’s weight and height.

Takeaway: Wonderful offer if your child likes a specific color. Feel free to say goodbye to shrinking after the first wash. 

» TATAMI Kids White Nova Ju Jitsu Gi – W/Free White Belt

It’s a high-quality affordable piece of equipment for kids, which includes trousers, jacket, and white jiu-jitsu belt. A good offer and a chance to resolve your kid’s training demands for a long period.


  • Two sizes.
  • Durable product with thicker lapel. 
  • Good for kids who like to fight off their backs. 
  • International shipping. 


  • Only one color. 

Takeaway: The model is designed for defensive-minded BJJ fighters who prefer going for an arm-triangle choke, Omoplata and so on. 

We hope our little tutorial helps you picking the best kids BJJ gi. It is very important to note that you will not carry it, your child will. So don’t come up with your assumptions. Follow your child’s heart and its way to view the world. Let it decide whether or not he/she likes the model. 

Sometimes children already know their favorite fighters. Today, you can track everything on the internet. So if your child already loves Haim Gozali, Aviv Gozali, Demian Maia or another competitor who feels perfectly comfortable off his back, buy TATAMI Kids White Nova Ju Jitsu Gi.

Your child loves weird colors but wants to compete in the future? Elite Sports IBJJF Ultra Light BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi for Kids, no doubt!

Again, if your lovely kid likes Nate Diaz or the fighter with a similar style, an expert from the top position, Venum Contender Kids BJJ Gi will do the job. 

Sanabul Kids Highlights Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ Gi offers superb quality for a very fair price, good durability, awesome comfort levels, and anti-bacterial features too.