Do training masks work?

We often get the question “Do training masks work?”. Training masks are resistance devices designed to strengthen the breathing muscles and improve breathing mechanics. So, they make a perfect tool to have for enhancing the cardio which is an essential component of BJJ and other sports.

It often happens that people who train this martial art lack long lasting physical effort and good cardio. Hence, this tool will help you reduce the intake of air in your lungs and condition the lungs by strengthening the diaphragm. As soon as you start using the training mask, you will feel how your stamina is increasing. As a result, we decided to show you six of them which will enhance your performance.

6 of the Best Training Masks for Better Performance

Elevation Training Mask 1.0

This is an excellent device which will make your lungs work 9 times harder to get oxygen in. Moreover, it increases energy production, mental and physical stamina and anaerobic thresholds. The material is fine against the skin and operating the mask is pretty simple. The only downside of this mask is that there are stickers over the eyepieces, which, when peeling can scratch the mask. It is available on Amazon.

FITGAME Workout Mask

This is an awesome tool for anyone looking to increase lung capacity resulting in better cardio and conditioning. It contains 24 different levels and it really helps to make your breath deeper and stronger. Moreover, you can easily switch the resistance while you are working out. The only disadvantage is that when you’re really sweaty the mask can start to move a little bit. In case you’re not happy with the purchase, you can return it for a full refund. It is available on Amazon.

Vikingstrength New 24 Levels Training Workout Mask

This is one of the best elevation masks. It is well constructed, ultra-lightweight, and it improves overall performance in any sport. Moreover, it maximizes your workout time and it is anatomically designed. The only disadvantage is that the strap requires constant readjusting as it begins to lose its elasticity over time. You can find it on Amazon.

Training Mask 3.0 [EVA Case Included]

This device is made of high-quality material, does not slip on the face, snaps tight, but does not press. Furthermore, it contains a 4-level resistance valve and it is comfortable to wear. This effective elevation mask comes in 3 sizes and works for all kinds of sports. It is available on Amazon.

Training Mask 2.0 [Black Out]

This is the ultimate respiratory training device which comes with 6 air resistance valve caps, 3 air resistance valve base pieces with flux valve plungers, 1 standard black neoprene sleeve, 1 head strap, and a fitness workout. You can find it on Amazon in 3 sizes.

Elevation Training Mask 2.0

This is an amazing elevation training tool can definitely change your physical endurance. It comes with:
  • 1 standard black neoprene sleeve;
  • 6 air resistance caps;
  • 3 base pieces with flux valves;
  • 1 silicone training mask;
  • 1 certificate of authenticity;

You can find it on Amazon and choose from the 3 sizes.


Purchasing a good and effective training mask is a must-have tool to improve your cardio and fitness. Regardless of which of the above-mentioned devices you choose, you will experience an immediate improvement of your fitness.