Keeping Clean with Gold BJJ’s Soaps and Wipes

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You might be surprised to learn many BJJ academies do not have a shower. Staphylococcus bacteria, better known to Jiu Jitsu practitioners as “Staph” is the “invisible enemy” of a Jiu Jitsu gym. Thankfully, Jiu Jitsu companies are starting to answer this by creating exceptional products to “tap out” the bacteria that plague the mat. 

Gold BJJ in particular has created a line of high-quality products that can be used the moment you end your training. They were kind enough to send them to us, in exchange for an open and honest review of how these products changed our training experience. 

Editorial Disclaimer:

We reached out to Gold BJJ to see if we could get a Gi to review, and they were excited about the opportunity to show off their hygiene equipment. Gold BJJ provided us with their Submission wipes, soap, and body wash in exchange for an open and honest review of their products. Using our links earns us a bit of money without making your products cost more. Buying products through our links helps us run Jiu Jitsu Legacy.

The Importance of Hygiene for BJJ

If you are a seasoned practitioner, you might be sick of getting another lecture about why hygiene is important. However, if you are a new practitioner, this message is essential to hear. You might already have suspected that BJJ is not the cleanest of sports. BJJ mats can have blood, sweat, and all manner of grime on them.

 (You hopefully see people clean them after every practice.) 

This is why it is vital that cleaning yourself should be the first thing you do after you train. You also need to religiously wash your training gear (including your belt.) Also never forget to wear shoes when you step off the mat. 

Finally, it would be great to invest in soap that is specifically made for BJJ practitioners such as yourself, and thankfully Gold BJJ is a one-stop shop! 

Product Overview, and First Impressions 

Gold BJJ currently offers three different hygiene products, and they were generous enough to let us try all of them. These soaps are made with tea tree oil. This is a natural ingredient that comes from an Australian tree. It is a natural remedy that helps fight bacteria. 

Gold BJJ’s “Sub Wipes” 

Probably my favorite hygiene product Gold BJJ offers. These wipes are for when you step off the mats after a long day of training. What I love most about these wipes is that they are perfect if your gym doesn’t have a shower. (Many BJJ gyms do not!) You can use them right after you step off the mat and smell good. 

These would also be a great purchase for gym owners! If you have these handy, it can promote good hygiene in the gym. They also fit great in a gym bag

Keeping Clean with Gold BJJ’s Soaps and Wipes 1 Keeping Clean with Gold BJJ’s Soaps and Wipes Gold BJJ
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Gold BJJ also publishes all the ingredients on the side so you know what you are putting on your body. It’s also nice to know that these products are made in America and you are helping out an American company!

Submission Soap

When it comes to making germs “tap out” this soap has a fully locked-in RNC. Just like the Sub wipes, these soaps come packed with essential oils. These make germs feel like they entered ADCC in the wrong weight class. You can also get them in three different scents, Activated Charcol, Classic Tea Tree, and Peppermint. 

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One of the best things about this product, besides the great smell, is the packaging. It should also be noted that out of 254 reviews, this soap currently has a 4.9 out of 5 for satisfaction. 

Submission Soap Body Wash

Finally, if bar soap isn’t your thing, Gold BJJ also offers a great body wash. Just like the other products on this list, this body wash is made with all-natural ingredients and scores a 1.6 on the EWG Skin deep database. (A database that scores soap based on healthy ingredients. 1 is good 10 is bad.

Keeping Clean with Gold BJJ’s Soaps and Wipes 3 Keeping Clean with Gold BJJ’s Soaps and Wipes Gold BJJ
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About Gold BJJ 

Gold BJJ is a relatively young company. Started in 2016 by two dedicated BJJ practitioners, Cole and Dave. The company prides itself on its customer service. Cole and Dave interact with their customers every day and are proud representatives of their brand. Gold BJJ stock and ship all of their orders within one business day, and they train in their gear every morning.

Military and First Responders Program. 

One of my personal favorite things about Gold BJJ is their military and first responders program. All a customer has to do is provide proof they are a first responder or are someone who has a prior service record, and Gold BJJ will give them a 40% discount. 

Prevention Instead of Intervention, Invest in some Jiu Jitsu Soap  

Getting treatment for a staph infection means you need to take a break from the mat. It might also involve antibiotics and other forms of treatment. Instead of letting this happen to you, invest in something that will prolong your training. Cleaning yourself should be the first thing you do after BJJ. 

Gold BJJ is a great company that is a one-stop shop for all your Jiu Jitsu needs. While I do love all of these products, I can’t stress how much I love these Sub Wipes. My home gym does not have a shower and these wipes are really a godsend. They fit in my gym bag snuggly, and I feel much cleaner after using them. It also makes the drive home smell much better.