Train Like Craig Jones with Leopard-Print No-Gi Shorts

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Craig Jones is known for taking second place and wearing flamboyant BJJ apparel. From rashguards that say “subscribe to my only fans” to his “Mexican Ground Karate” shirts – it’s uncommon to see him wearing something plain. Now you too can make a statement at your BJJ gym with XMartial’s leopard print grappling shorts. 

XMartial was kind enough to send me a pair of leopard print shorts to review, and the moment I put them on, I started getting more attention at my gym. If you’re interested in making a BJJ fashion statement – read on to see how these XMartial no-gi pants held up to a few weeks wear.

Editorial Disclaimer:

XMartial sent us one pair of shorts, in exchange for an open and honest product review. At Jiu Jitsu Legacy, we occasionally include affiliate links in order to keep the lights on and the high-quality BJJ content flowing. If you’re interested in picking up a pair of these shorts, please consider using one of our links! You can also save 10% using our promo code, JIUJITSULEGACY, at checkout.

The Importance of High-Quality Grappling Apparel for BJJ

While sometimes people do get away with wearing t-shirts and Nike shorts at no-gi class, sooner or later you will want to invest in some gear that is made specifically for BJJ. Nothing says “white-belt” louder than coming to class with an old t-shirt that has the collar stretched down to your belly button, or wearing a pair of old basketball shorts to practice.

There is also another problem with wearing clothes not built for BJJ. Loose-fitting workout pants can slide right off when your opponent puts you in half guard or is trying to take you down. Needing to re-tie your belt in the gi is a slight nuisance – but having to put your pants back on mid-roll is a whole different level! So high-quality grappling shorts are a must!

Quick Product Overview

The XMartial pants are stylish and have a high-quality feel. They have a drawstring you can use to tie them a little tighter, and a Velcro strap in the front. I was surprised to learn they also have a tiny pocket inside the waistband you can use to put a key for your locker or some grip tape in. They also fit great over spats, or with a long sleeve knee pad like I wear. 

XMartial’s Leopard-Print No-Gi Shorts

A new trend in BJJ apparel is antimicrobial technology. XMartial shorts do have antimicrobial technology baked in, which means possibly the shorts can help prevent staph infection or smell cleaner for longer. (Yes, you still have to shower and wash them!) But this is helpful for athletes who spend a lot of time on the mat.

XMartial also says their product has “Moist wicking technology” which will help repel sweat, and not slip off even after a long day of rolling. XMartial offers a one-year warranty on their products and a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee. 

First Impressions and Rolling  

I was very happy with how the XMartial pants felt while rolling. I was also happy with how awesome they looked with almost every rashguard I own. Speaking of looking awesome, these pants really do make a statement. I got to be the Uke the first day I had them on, and my coach stopped class to comment on how great they looked.

XMartial’s Leopard-Print No-Gi Shorts

No-gi shorts come in a variety of fits – with some being basically just short-spats, and others being close-fitting but loose shorts. The XMartial BJJ shorts are loose-fitting and very comfortable, and I never needed to be re-adjusted in class. 

Another nice thing about the pants is how easy it was to remove them after class or during a bathroom break. Sometimes, wrestling pants can make it difficult to make a quick run to the toilet because of how tightly they wrap around the waist. But these pants offered no problems – staying on when I wanted them to stay on, and easily coming off when I wanted them off.

Possible Downsides of XMartial 

I have to admit that these pants are so stylish, I fear other people in my gym are going to start trying to steal Craig Jones’ look. XMartial has a ton of cool designs and a bunch of high-quality gear. Just browsing their website, I’m sure everybody could find something they like. It won’t be long before guys at my gym catch on and start copying me every day. 

XMartial’s Leopard-Print No-Gi Shorts

Big Style Meets Surprising Quality

I have to say, I was very surprised by the quality of these pants. I didn’t really know what to expect before I opened the package, but now I can say that I would absolutely wear these to a competition. Win or lose, you know people will be watching you.
When you’re looking to add some spice to your BJJ wardrobe, you should give XMartial’s gear a look! To save 10% off of your order, use the promo code JIUJITSULEGACY at checkout.