Unleashing Your Inner Champion: A Comprehensive Review of the RevGear Venice Top-of-the-Line Gi

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When looking to buy a new BJJ Gi, the market can seem overwhelming. How do you know the most stylish options are also the highest in quality? Maybe you are a seasoned competitor who is looking for a lightweight competition Gi. Or perhaps you have just begun your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey, and are wondering why you can’t use your old Karate Gi. 

Whatever the case, why don’t you trust a company that is run by martial artists, for martial artists? Revgear was kind enough to send us their “Venice Top of the Line” Gi, and I have to say we are impressed. 

Editorial Disclaimer:

Revgear sent us one of their Gi’s, in exchange for an open and honest product review. If you’re interested in trying out this Gi, please consider using one of our links! You can also save 10% using our promo code at checkout.

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What You Should Look for in a BJJ Gi?

The kind of Gi you like is largely based on your preferences. Some BJJ practitioners like a heavier Gi with a high GSM (Grams per square meter.) This is because heavier Gi’s with thicker collars can make it difficult for someone to grip. Other BJJ practitioners like lighter Gis, these make it easier at weigh-ins for competition and are widely regarded as more comfortable. 

The Revgear Venice Gi, is a strong yet comfortable 450gsm, with 10oz ripstop pants. Revgear calls this the “Top of the Line” Gi because this is the one you can buy for any occasion. Whether you are someone who trains every day or someone who is just looking to give Gi Jiu Jitsu a try, this Gi can “fit” all your needs. 

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First Impressions of the Revgear Venice

It’s no secret that Jiu Jitsu made its way to the West Coast of the United States before it made its way East. Revgear is a Califonia company, and many of their Gi’s are named things that reminisce on the sunny surf culture of the West Coast. Unpacking this Gi I was pleasantly surprised by the inside logo that is not pictured in the gallery online.

This logo conveys the surfer spirit of California and Venice Beach. Having decorations and graphics on the inside of BJJ Gi’s is definitely a cool new trend in BJJ apparel. I also love the red stitching that comes with this Gi, and how it has more of a minimalist design on the outside. Giving you plenty of room for patches and customization. 

Rolling in the RevGear Venice

This Gi has been described by many black belts as “The most comfortable Gi they ever wore.” Many people have different preferences, whether they like heavier or lighter Gis. However, I can say this is certainly the most comfortable I have worn that weighs 450gsm. (Roughly about 4lbs/1.81kgs.) 

Online, their website says this Gi is great for any level of player, and I am inclined to agree. I feel I would love to have this Gi at a competition, and it does comply with IBJJF rules. For the price point, it’s at, I definitely think this Gi would make a great starter Gi for any fresh white belt. It could also make a fine addition to a collection for a seasoned black belt competitor.

Revgear as a company has one quality that makes them stand out among the crowd, and that is certainly felt while you are wearing this Gi. 

Revgear’s Rigorous Testing Process 

The one quality Revgear has that makes it stand out is that they have Martial Artists test all of their products before they are released. This is Gi is no exception. Jiu Jitsu Legacy was also lucky enough to review Revgears “Mini Beast” backpack. This backpack was tested for two years before it was released and is by far the best martial arts bag I’ve used. 

The Venice Top of the Line Gi was also tested by black belts before it was released. When you buy with Revgear, you are buying something that has been authenticated by many martial artists.

Paul Reavlin Founder and CEO of Revgear says: “The Venice Gi is definitely a great Gi. It just needs a lot more exposure, and somehow it needs acceptance from a general POV of the BJJ community.  We made it to be the best Gi any of us have ever rolled in, and we somehow need to get that message out across the community.”

“RevGear Venice” Gi Verdict:  A Company by Martial Artists for Martial Artists

On their website, Revgear calls themselves the “original” Martial arts company. I love that they test everything before they release it to the public. The RevGear Venice “Top of the Line Gi” is absolutely one of the most comfortable and the most versatile Gi’s I have trained with. For a new practitioner, I would highly recommend Revgear over a company like Sanabul or Hawk.