Sinking our Teeth into the Sisu 3D Custom Fit Mouthguard

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In BJJ, Mouthguards are one of those pieces of protective gear that we often pass on using, not because we don’t want the protection they provide, but because they are uncomfortable or make speaking difficult. Sure, you can take it out to talk, but Jiu Jitsu can be a gross sport, and constantly having to spit out your mouthguard to speak is annoying and unsanitary. 

The Sisu 3D is one of the thinnest mouthguards on the market, so it is much easier to talk, even with it in. I had the pleasure of training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with the Sisu 3D Custom Fit Mouthguard and here are my unfiltered thoughts on using this mouthguard for BJJ.

Editorial Disclaimer:

Sisu sent us one of their 3D custom fit mouthguards for free, in exchange for an open and honest product review. What follows are as unbiased an impression of the product as we are capable of giving. Jiu Jitsu Legacy participates in Sisu’s affiliate program and receives a portion of each sale which utilizes our promo code.

For a 10% discount off of your order at Sisu use the code LEGACY10. This helps you protect your teeth and helps us continue to produce more BJJ content!

The Importance of Mouthguards for BJJ

Wearing protective gear like mouthguards, knee pads, and headgear is like putting on sunscreen before you go swimming. It’s so much easier to just jump in and easy to forget to use, but if you don’t, you could regret it later! 

Repairing a chipped tooth can easily cost as much as $500 without insurance. If the tooth is knocked out entirely, the cost can skyrocket to a few thousand dollars! The cost of a high quality mouthguard is nowhere near that much, and saves you the time and pain involved!

Quick Product Overview

The Sisu 3D Mouthguard is 2.0 mm thin – far thinner than the typical boil-and-bite models most people are used to. It also comes with holes in the front to make it easier to breathe and drink. This product can also be fitted to accomodate someone who wears braces – however in this case a dental professional needs to assist with the fitting process.

Sisu 3D Custom Fit Mouthguard Case

One thing many BJJ practitioners don’t know about is that many mouthguards offer a dental warranty. The Sisu mouthguard offers a $50,000 dollar warranty. However, you need to register your mouthguard with Sisu in order to be eligible for the entire amount. 

The quick fit guide that comes with the mouthguard contains the serial number and the lot number you’ll need to complete the form. Do not throw it out!   

First Impressions and Fitting

Something cool Sisu does is that it offers minimalistic packaging compared to other mouthguard companies. The case for the mouthguard is built into the packaging and is made out of clear plastic. If you would like a stronger case for your mouthguard, Sisu sells one online.

I also found that fitting the Sisu mouthguard was easier than fitting other mouthguards. While fitting some of the chunky rubber guards require you to bring a pot of water up to a rolling boil, the Sisu only needs you to get the water hot but not quite boiling (170F / 77C). This makes it more comfortable when you put it in your mouth to mold it.

Sisu 3D Custom Fit Mouthguard Fit

I have fitted five mouthguards before the Sisu and have needed to re boil all of them twice or more. With one mouthguard I was never able to get it quite right. However with the Sisu I was able to get it molded perfectly on my second try. It was difficult to figure out exactly how hard to bite down. I found a helpful video on the Sisu website that showed me the perfect way to do it!

I was a little worried to begin with that the mouthguard was actually too thin. I thought that if it was thin it may offer overall less protection than a more traditional mouthguard. However upon fitting it to my mouth I saw that it covered all of my front teeth and it felt secure. 

Training BJJ in the Sisu 3D Custom Fit Mouthguard

The first thing I noticed with the Sisu is that when you have it in it does not create the awkward bulge under the lip that comes with some mouthguards. The mouthguard maximizes comfort so it’s easy to have in and isn’t visible if your lips are closed.  This mouthguard is built just to pop in before class starts and then leave it the whole time.

You can talk teammates through moves while wearing it, and you can drill with it in. This mouthguard can save you from having to run to your gym bag when the instructor calls rolling. It is also easier to drink with it in your mouth as well. 

Sisu 3D Custom Fit Mouthguard Roll

In the past, my experience with bulky rubber mouthguards was that they will develop wear and tear. Little bits of plastic and rubber will slowly be gnawed off by biting down and some of it can get in your mouth. One advantage to having a minimalist mouthguard is there is no excess material that can come off. 

Verdict: The Sisu 3D is a very thin and comfortable mouthguard

I really like a mouthguard that is built around comfort and ease. This is a good mouthguard for BJJ because its slim profile makes it easier to wear during class and you can keep it in even while you drill. One potential disadvantage to the minimalist design the Sisu has is that having a mouthguard so thin might not offer the same level of protection something thicker might have. 

I would recommend the Sisu to people who maybe are not super disciplined about wearing their mouthguard every time, even if they do bring it with them. The logic “you don’t want it until you need it” absolutely applies with mouthguards. With the Sisu, you can pop it in right when you put your gi on and keep it in the whole class!

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