10 BJJ Solo Drills W/ Heavy Bag [Top Pressure And Movement]

Last updated on 25.01.2022 by
Do you have any old heavy bag? Would you like to know some BJJ solo drills? The following video features 10 BJJ solo drills you can do with an old heavy bag you might have. According to Chewy from Chewjitsu, grappling dummies are a waste of time because most people lack the discipline and drive to do use them much at home.

The purpose of this video aren’t just the drills themselves but getting you to think about how you can use a old heavy bag. With these drills, you will have a good and effective workout. You should do each drill for 30-45 seconds a piece. Then, transition to the next drill with no rest. Do this for a full pass through and repeat for 2-3 rounds. You will be sweating! What’s more, you can do these solo drills from home.