Andre Galvao and Jamie Canuto met at the 2018 Abu Dhabi World Pro event. Many of the world’s greatest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes compete at this event. The emirates have seen most if not all of the world’s notable BJJ players. Andre Galvao, the head of San Diego’s Atos, is one of the most active competitors today and by this point in time has probably fought most of the world’s black belts already. His game is based on leg grab takedowns and pressure passing.

The matchup sees Mr. Galvao facing Jamie Canuto. Mr. Canuto, primarily a guard player, decides to pull guard. The weight difference will also probably have been a factor. It’s much harder to move heavier opponents at the same skill level. Mr. Galvao shoots in for the takedown. In reply, Canuto immediately pulls the De La Riva. The rest of the match turns into a battle of guard retention and passing with almost no sweep opportunities.

Guard retention and Passing

Mr. Galvao’s preferred passing sequence is the double under pass. He adapts whenever the opponent goes into a De La Riva or reverse De La Riva hook. It puts an extraordinary amount of pressure into the opponent’s neck. Even if he doesn’t get the pass immediately it puts a dent in the opponent’s confidence and perhaps it may even fatigue him.

The primary way of defending the double under pass is either a hip frame or a hip escape. Killing the grips and taking your legs out is another way. You’ve also got the option to roll into turtle. In fact, Mr. Canuto is forced into turtle during the match when he’s unable to post with the balls of his feet. Another way of defending the pass is the post and the stiff arm. Really, most of the match is a battle of granbies and the double under pass. A great match in its own right, it takes a keen eye to recognize the struggle happening between the two.