The Bicep Slicer: A Devastating (And Mostly Illegal) Submission

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The bicep slicer is a nasty submission that you never want to be put in once you get hit with one. Let’s go over some of the basic ways to hit the bicep slicer.

Going over some important details for doing the bicep slicer, as well as defending against them. We’ll also go over the legality of the bicep slicer and why it’s illegal in most BJJ competitions.

What Is The Bicep Slicer?

A bicep slicer is a submission hold that attacks the bicep muscle of your opponent. It comes off you either trying an armbar or hooking your leg around your opponent’s arm. 

It’s called a slicer, because you drive your shin into the bicep muscle like you’re trying to slice through it. This submission is extremely painful and one you never want to get caught in.

Is The Bicep Slicer Legal?

Most big BJJ organizations like the IBJJF have banned the bicep slicer from their competitions. They have a strict rule on only certain joint locks and chokes being permitted and absolutely no subs attacking muscles.

This is why the bicep and calf slicer are not allowed in most big competitions. However, if you compete at other no-gi competitions like NAGA, then you can hit bicep slicers and calf slicers all day.(Depending on your skill level of course.)

Bicep Slicer From Lasso Guard

Let’s start our breakdown of the bicep slicer with the easiest version from lasso guard. This one is the easiest, because your opponent will basically put themselves in the move for you.

Let Your Opponent Turn

Some novices you roll against may do most of the work for you to set up a bicep slicer from lasso guard. To get out, they will often turn the wrong way and leave their arm trapped in the lasso.

This is a big mistake and will basically give you the bicep slicer. But if your opponent is more savvy, you’ll have to make space and turn.

Take the back of your free foot and place it on your opponent’s inside hip to make a little space.

Lock Up The Bicep Slicer

Once your opponent is in position, there are only two steps to lock in the bicep slicer. Take your foot on their hip and bring it to your lasso leg to lock up a triangle.

Then just sit up, lock your hands above your opponent’s elbow and drive their bicep into your shin. The pain comes on quick and your opponent will be extremely annoyed that they made such a dumb mistake.

Bicep Slicer Counter Off Armbar(Spiderweb Slicer)

Naturally when you go for a top side armbar, your opponent will defend by locking their hands together. When they do this, it opens them up for a nice bicep slicer counter.

Hook The Arm

For this variation of the bicep slicer, you’re going to hook your opponent’s arm with your inside arm. Hook the arm a bit shallow with the blade of your forearm against the bicep.

Fold Foot Over Opponent’s Wrist

Next, take your inside foot and fold it over your opponent’s wrist. Make sure your foot goes right over their wrist, so you trap their arm in place.

Triangle Your Legs And Sit Back

After trapping your opponent’s arm, all that’s left to do is lock in the bicep slicer. Triangle your legs together, hold a Gable grip, turn your forearm, and sit back.

When you sit back, the blade of your forearm drives into your opponent’s bicep and forces the tape.

Same Side Bicep Slicer

Another easy bicep slicer from on top in side-mount is the same side bicep slicer. Coming off of a pseudo crucifix that is quite painful

Pin the Arm 

The first step for this bicep slicer set up is to pin your opponent’s arm to the ground. Slide your knee over your opponent’s arm and keep your shin on top of it.


Next, you’re going to lean your weight forward just a little and backstep your inside leg over your opponent’s arm. This step is crucial to get you in position for the finish.

Triangle Legs

After doing the backstep, you’re going to walk your foot back over your other foot. As you do this, you can pull your opponent’s arm over, so you can clear it and make the sub tighter.

Then to finish, triangle your legs and straighten out your inside leg to the pressure on the slicer. 

Bicep Slicer From The Back 

You can even hit a bicep slicer from the back that is extremely easy to hit. Here are the details for this slicer below.

Double Wrist Control

To set up the bicep slicer from the back, you have to start by getting double wrist control on your opponent. Going two on one with one hand coming under to control the wrist and the other hand coming over the body.

Push Arm & Hook It With Your Foot

Next, push your opponent’s arm forward to make space to get your foot through. When you put your foot in the space, you’re just going to get your foot clear.

This is so you can press the bottom of your shin on your opponent’s bicep.

The Finish

Keep your outside wrist grip and bring your other hand over to regrab right next to your initial grip. From there, all you have to do is pull the arm up to put pressure on the bicep and force the tap.

Go Hit Some Bicep Slicers

A bicep slicer is one of those submissions that will constantly open for you. Anytime your opponent defends an armbar or leaves their arm exposed, there’s a slicer available. Be sure to drill these techniques and add another element to your game!