BJJ How to escape side control EVERY TIME Tutorial

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A video on how to escape from side control by black belt Charles Negromonte. Negromonte teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the Roger Gracie Academy in London.

There are hundreds of ways to escape from side control. A perfect scenario does not exist. Sometimes it may take more than one or two steps to get out of side control.

The video gives two scenarios. In both situations creating space before attempting to escape is essential.

Beginners should focus on using more technique and less strength. ‘’Bench pressing’’ opponents is not a great way to accomplish an escape. Sparring against bigger opponents or someone that has excellent side control you will always need to create space without expending too much energy.

That doesn’t mean you should avoid moving explosively. Be careful not to lift your hips when rotating to the opposite shoulder and away from your partner. Most of your opponents will use this opportunity to gain back control.

Another detail worth mentioning is the position of your arms. Try keeping them close to your body to avoid submissions or chokes.

As you are watching the video try to break down the technique into individual segments this way it will make more sense. If you decide to try it during class and it doesn’t work, don’t panic.

Your timing could have been off, or maybe you skipped an important detail. It is much harder to do any technique during live training. That is why you should always drill, drill, and drill. Be patient and don’t get frustrated.