BJJ Match Study: Marcelo Garcia vs Shinya Aoki (ADCC 2005)

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This week’s match study is again Marcelo Garcia only this time versus Shinya Aoki. The match was in 2005 at ADCC.

Again you can see the simplicity of MG’s style. He does very few things, but the level of technique and application of them is limitless.

His relentless attacking keeps Aoki on his heels. Garcia also prefers to use the seat belt grip without the hooks in the back take.

There is no ‘’wrong way’’ of taking the back. However, the seat belt without worrying about the hooks allows for a quicker transition to the rear. Also, MG likes to trap one of the arms when working for a rear naked choke which is why he utilizes the seat belt without hooks initially.  

As you will see in the video Garcia likes to use the Gable grip in the rear naked choke. Gable grip is useful for two reasons. It can be applied suddenly, and negates the deeper arm position to finish the choke.