BJJ: Renzo Gracie’s tip for opening any guard

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One of the most frustrating things as a beginner is struggling with opening someone’s guard. If you can’t open your opponent’s guard, it will be tough to create any offensive attacks.

Renzo Gracie demonstrates a useful technique that you can use against bigger, stronger, and taller opponents. Usually, people have powerful legs. They can keep you in their guard for a long time if you let them.

Trying to open someone’s guard is difficult to do when you are on your knees. The other person doesn’t have to work that hard. All they have to do is break your posture and lock their feet. You are also in danger of submissions or sweeps.

Creating discomfort is a great way to open the guard. Gracie achieves that by applying upper body pressure and standing up to his feet. There are also small details worth paying attention to which Gracie mentions in the video. Enjoy it!

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