BJJ Triangle Choke Concepts with Karel Silver Fox Pravec & Coach Zahabi

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Great, great video by coach Zahabi and Karel ‘’silver fox’’ Pravec. Silver Fox was born in the Czech Republic in 1963. He is one of  Renzo Gracie’s first students and black belts. Besides choking people with the triangle, he also writes.

His book Fluid BJJ: Scrawny “Middle Aged” Guy’s Guide to Getting Submissions is one of the best Jiu-jitsu books. Pravec has mentored both Zahabi and George St. Pierre.

In this video, he goes over various techniques in the triangle choke. You don’t always have to have the perfect triangle or cut off both arteries to be effective. Pravec’s transitions and various ways to finish someone in the triangle are excellent.

His style is also great for MMA. Most of his techniques will work very well inside the cage. Another great thing which he emphasizes is the use of technique over strength. That is effective jiu-jitsu.

The video is long but well worth watching. There are a lot of details and important key points, so take out your notebooks.

Also take a look at his water training methodology. It is one of the reasons why Pravec is able to train at high intensity as he gets older and still recover well.