Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Finishing the Armbar – Firas Zahabi

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Firas Zahabi demonstrates how to finish the armbar. A big challenge for people is breaking the grip. The techniques demoed in the video will work for Gi as well.

All of the variations are powerful and will allow you to finish armbars effectively with less effort. Once you are ‘’in’’ on the armbar, it is essential to get comfortable staying in the position. Your opponent will be moving and trying to defend. You have to prevent them from getting up or rolling you over.

Critical points in breaking the Mata Leon grip:

  1. Sliding your elbow to opponent’s elbow
  2. Hand position is the same as a rear naked choke
  3. Push at an angle to break the grip

Critical points in breaking the gable grip:

  1. Switch your grip to gable grip
  2. Twist your opponent’s arm towards his head
  3. Hug yourself once you break the grip