Martial arts have a profound effect on the human soul and body. But not all martial arts are the same. Some delve into the spiritual. Others are stick to the self-defense perspective. Sometimes even entertainment is the focal point.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of those martial arts which besides being a self-defense system is also a combat sport. In fact, you could say that the sport aspect of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the more dominant of the two. It’s also a way to stay fit and it builds character.

What does it mean?

A combat sport is exactly what it says it is:  a sport that involves combat that is almost always one on one. It’s quite the debate whether competitive combat sports are more effective on the streets or not. Some advocate that competition is not a realistic substitute for a street fight; that it builds bad habits that could get you hurt. On the other hand, competition provides an opportunity to test technique against a resisting opponent.

The Best Martial Art?

Anyone who has ever done some martial arts training has probably mulled this question over. We’ll take a stab and guess that you’d rather not waste your time. Why train something that won’t work when push comes to shove.

Today, that’s a pretty easy question. What with tournaments like the UFC and Bellator, which came to be exactly because of the question, we can see for ourselves and with our own two eyes which style is best.

Fighters win tournaments, not technique

No matter the technique, it’s the fighter who ultimately wins the fight. There are myriad factors that determine fight outcomes: stress, weight, mental preparation, experience and yes, technique.

It’s a subjective answer. However, when it comes to unarmed one on one fights, nothing beats Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Hundreds of youtube videos are testament to this. ‘Out of the twenty I’ve seen myself, just one BJJ practitioner lost.’ Good odds, no?